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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Coloured Mascara: Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash in Purple and Green

Coloured mascaras are a right bugger. We want them to be awesome, they so frequently are the opposite!If the colour is right, the formula isn’t and more often than not, getting the colour to actually show up is nigh on impossible. With fancy-pants brands like Chanel and Diorpopping them out left, right and centre, it made me wonder if perhaps formulas are a little better of late?  Having been pleasantly surprised by a Miss Sporty mascara I purchased recently, I was keen to try out their coloured offerings and at £2.99 each it almost seemed rude not to!

Miss Spory Fabulous Lash

Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Swatches
This looks actually… promising!

Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash in Purple
This is ‘ Extreme Purple.’ And purple it certainly is. If you want to try a coloured mascara without wanting to worry about looking too out there, go for navy, purple or plum, as this will still give you a little of the depth of colour your normal black or brown mascara one. Pleased with this one, at any rate.

Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash in Green
Now this is where I got my thee quids worth, boys and girls! ‘Extreme Green’ is a bit of a corker.

Okay, okay. The formula on these is not going to give you long, luscious, thick lashes, but neither is it too dry or too clumpy which other cheap coloured mascaras are often guilty of. You’re not wearing these for that reason anyway – they’re for fun. On the lower lashline with a matching waterline they can look great, or if you’re feeling daring, coloured mascara against a deep black smokey eye looks awesome!

Now, Miss Sporty… may I pretty please ask for a pink?!

Monday, 30 June 2014

New MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Aflush and Halcyon

Everyone still loves a velvet lip product, don’t they? I for one am still a big fan so I was very keen to try out some of the additions to MUA’s line up of velvet lip lacquers, which were introduced earlier this year. Most velvet products seem to be brighter or reds, hot pinks and funky colours such as blues, purples and blacks, so I was really keen to test out a nude shade and a girlier shade! MUA released two more shades; Serene, a very light, blue based pink and Tranquility, a brownish nude. I’ve seen Serene in stores but skipped it as I know it will look awful on me, but I’ve yet to find Tranquility which I am desperate to try!

These wear and perform exactly the same as the existing shades, which you can read my thoughts on here, should you be so inclined! (NB, get Criminal, it’s better than the Lime Crime hot pink.)

mua luxe insta

The TL;DR Instagram photo!

mua luxe

much presentation very luxe wow

MUA Halycon

MUA Haclyon Swatch


This is my favourite out of the two! A peachy brown, this is surprisingly pretty and has a hint of retro creamsicle (a phrase only a beauty blogger or makeup artist could use and mean it, no?) to it that I just think is delightful. I’m on a big nuetral kick at the moment so this will be getting a lot of wear this summer, along with the largest sunglasses I can find! This applies like a dream in one coat.

MUA Ablaze

MUA Ablaze Swatch

MUA ‘Aflush’

I’m not entirely sure I can pull this colour off without a beehive and ten layers of lashes, but it’s certainly a pretty colour. A light, blue based pink that leans toward the neon in real life, I can see this one being teamed with a flower crown at a sunny festival! Not quite for me personally but you can bet it’s flying off the shelves! This one is a little bit of a bugger to apply –it can get slightly patchy, so I’d advise waiting for the first layer to dry before topping up.

A friend in the know told me all the stock has gone to Superdrug stores, but that you can expect to see them online soon.  If you can find them, you can take them home for the bargain price of £3!

Will you be looking out for these?

Monday, 16 June 2014

Purple FOTD with MAC

I did not leave the house and did absolutely nothing this day except my makeup and finally reading Death Note (which, hello, worst ending ever amirite), so naturally, enormous lashes happened. Let us examine further:

MAC Purple LOTD INsta
Purple MAC LOTD 2
Purple MAC Lotd 3

Eyes: MAC Paint Points in Dangerous Cuvee and Blackground, Very Violet Eyeshadow. Nude shadow on browbone from MUA palette. Brows Rimmel Hazel and touch of dark brown from MUA palette. Lashes Eyelash Laboratory (cheap but super awesome Korean lashes)
Lips: MAC Up The Amp, with a touch of Pink Noveau in the centre, Creamsheen Glass in No Apologies.
Cheeks: MAC Autoerotique

Ugh, I looooved this look! Dangerous Cuvee is a new baby for me, and I have to say, I love it. I’m never really that drawn to MAC Paintpots for some reason, but this one screamed my name and I just had to have it – it’s a deeper silver with subtle green and pink shimmer in it that just elevates it slightly. Ooh, it’s lovely, and juuuust about work safe! What’s been on your peepers lately?

Thanks for looking at my mug!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

My first Memebox: 10MinuteBox

A month or so ago, I got rather annoyed when the one beauty box I subscribed to seemed to think that tea and notebooks were somehow beauty items. Nope. Cancelling my subscription, I decided to try out  Memebox, which is a Korean beauty box subscription service. Korean cosmetics are known for being super cute and for having great/interesting skincare, which are of course things literally everyone is interested in, no?

Memebox seems to work a little differently to usual boxes - they do have a monthly box, which seems to sell out, and they also have one-off boxes as well. If you go onto their site, there are a variety of boxes available, and you can buy them as a one-off as opposed to a subscription, which I think is great. It’s hard to determine which is the regular monthly box as there are so many to choose from – including themed boxes such as a green tea box and boxes for dudes, and the larger Superboxes – and the website isn’t super explanatory - but I believe it’s the numbered boxes.

Buying boxes gives you points which you can use off of your next order or in the store- this order shipped late, so I was given points to spend, which I immediately put toward another box! They do take a while to ship boxes after they're bought, but you're let know the shipping date and my box was here five days after it actually shipped, which is great as it came from Korea! They're a little more expensive than the average £10-15 beauty box - I believe after conversion into pounds, this was £18.

The box I chose was the 10MinuteBox:

Memebox 10 Minute Box

"The hottest Memebox has just arrived! It comes with the most perfect make-love-happen-now beauty products that will get you all polished up for a night you'll never forget!"
The premise of this box was getting ready for a date quickly so I was hoping for makeup items in this box!”

Cute box, no? Let's see what I got - all products are the full sized version:



Aromalab EverEssence Designer Fragrance Oil in 8 Women ($34)

Memebox Everessence Perfume Oil

Memebox Everessence Perfume Oil box

I'm not a huge fan of perfume oils or rollerballs, but this is pleasant enough. I don't get the jasmine promised on the box, but I do get a light rosy musk at the start drying to something a little more woody. This will live in my desk drawer at work for a little pick me up during the day but I can’t see it being a staple.

Hope Girl Powdery Body Perfume ($49)

Memebox Hope Girl Body Powder

Memebox Hope Girl Body Powder 2

Memebox packaging

cheers box

HOW cute is this? This is what I got the box for - cute brands that I've never heard of! I'm not sure how useful this product will be - it's a silica-based powder that claims to absorb sweat and keep you feeling fresh, with a subtle scent. Mine is in the scent 'Tropical Lovers' and it's a subtly sweet, coconut-y sort of scent. It’s a light scent, again, pleasant enough. You can apply with the puff in the lid, or unscrew the top to dip a brush in, or to refill. If I don't wind up using this powder – which remains to be seen to be honest! - I'll decant my regular face powder into it because it is so darn cute!


Hope Girl Milky Balm Lipstick in Red Burgundy ($24)

Memebox Hope Girl Milk Balm Lipstick

Memebox Hope Girl Milk Balm Lipstick Swatch

Memebox Hope Girl Milky Balm Lipstick Swatch 2

Oh, glory, glory! More leopard print! In the form of a burgundy lipstick, nonetheless! I have no qualms here whatsoever – the packaging so right up my alley it’s ridiculous. And as for the lipstick itself? Lovely! Creamy, opaque, not too glossy, no slip and very comfortable. This ticks all the boxes. I’d buy more from the brand. The star item in the box in my opinion!

Secret Romance Hair Essence Lovely 60ml ($39)


Memebox Secret Romance Lovely

This is a 'pheromone hair essence that leaves your hair smelling like a sensual rose all day.' It also claims to nourish and increase shine. I can't read the ingredients as they're in Korean, which makes it harder to determine what it might actually do! This is an oily-feeling serum with a light, powdery scent, but I'm not sure it smells of rose - perhaps it's a little masculine smelling?! I can't put my finger on it but I like it. From trying it out quickly, a little goes a long way! I'll be trying this out further to see if I can coax a little love back into my dry ends! I am also totally convinced the pheromones in this will turn my other half into a crazed sex beast.

Laboratory Eyelash ($5)

Memebox Eyelash Laboratory

Memebox Eyelash Laboratory Dolly Lashes

Memebox Eyelash Laboratory Dolly Lashes 2

legit and professional application is definitely not straight from the box with no glue at all, nope nope

These are so cute! And how cheap are lashes out there? Pretty jealous. These are chunky yet still manage to have a thin lash band - so in my eyes, basically pretty perfect. Can't wait to use these properly, they are banging!

So...would I get another Memebox? Ahem.  I already ordered one before this one came, but basically, yes, I'm excited to get the next one! A nice mix of unusual items  - which is the point! – that are all full sized,  good value compared to the price of the box, great customer service, you’re not tied in to buy one each month. Yep, yep, yep. Memebox are doing it right.

Have you tried this box? What's your favourite subscription box?

Monday, 19 May 2014

MAC x Maleficent “True Love’s Kiss” Lipstick: Swatches and Comparisons

“…gold of sunshine in her hair, lips that shame the red, red rose. In ageless sleep, she finds repose.”

Who is hella excited for this movie? Hint: me. Like most Disney loving beauty bloggers, I was super excited to hear of this collaboration between Disney and MAC, and like most Disney loving beauty bloggers, I was pretty damn disappointed. The colours were pretty boring, and most items are available permanently anyway. To add insult to injury, MAC have repeated the lazy packaging ethos they rolled out for the Venomous Villains collection. However…. I got the lipstick anyway. What can I say? I love a red lip and I love Disney.

Maleficent x MAC 2

Maleficent x MAC

This is not special packaging really, is it? I find the high shine on it actually makes it look cheaper than the regular MAC casing in my opinion. Bear in mind this costs £16.50 compared to the regular £15 for a lipstick. I mean… the Maleficent logo is pretty cool and all, but they could have done SO much more with this. So much. Le sigh.

Maleficent x MAC 3

Anyway. On to the colour itself. Not as deep or blue-based as many of us might have guessed this to be, MAC describes this as a ‘clean, bright red,’ which is spot on. One would guess this is meant to pay homage to Aurora, rather than Maleficent. It has light shimmer throughout and is an amplified formula, giving it a slightly glossy look. Gorgeous.

Maleficent x MAC comparisons

L-R: True Love’s Kiss, Russian Red, MAC Viva Glam Rihanna, MAC Viva Glam I.

Just a quick swatch of a couple of reds from MAC for comparisons sake. VG Rihanna is indeed pretty similar in terms of base shade, although the VG is a frost finish and has a lot more shimmer, giving it a much more vibrant look on the lips.

So…should you get this? In all honesty, probably not. Even though this is one of the limited edition items in the collection and not a re-promote or a permanent item, it’s not all that super special. While perfectly lovely, the packaging is a bit lazy and it’s similar enough in my eyes to the MAC Viva Glam Rihanna that if you wanted a MAC lipstick specifically, I’d send your money in the direction of charity and save yourself £1.50 in the process. If you’re absolutely bonkers for Disney like I am, it’s a nice little addition to a red lipstick collection.

What’s your favourite MAC – or any! – red?

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Detox, VIcky Vox and Willam!: LOTD with OCC Black Metal Dahlia

What does one wear on one’s face when they’re off to see their favourite drag queens? The same shit that they hawk themselves, naturally – a little OCC!


Black Metal Dahlia
My hair was setting, I didn’t go out like this!

Eyes: Illamasqua Neutrals Palette and Scribe Liner, MAC Reflects Gold Glitter, Kiko Precision Brow Pencil in Shade 03
Lips: MAC Vino lipliner, OCC Black Metal Dahlia
Cheeks: Sleek Contour Kit in Light, Sleek Suede blush

Black Metal Dahlia is super gorgeous, but it takes a little work so putting it over a deep lip liner is my favourite way to wear it. This is easily one of my favourite looks I’ve done all year.
And here are the lovely ladies we spent all our rent money on going to see!


DUCK FACE WITH DETOX. It was so hot in the little venue we were in my hair dropped right out, boo! I am 100% ridiculously in love with her. I was always rooting for Detox on RDPR but having met her and seen her perform I can’t even. She is just a perfect being and I want to be her slave or some shit. Absolutely beautiful.

SO QUICHE. I’m sad that this is the photo we got because I am standing at a way dodgy angle which makes me look like a brick. I mean, bricks are fine and all, but I don’t want to look like a brick next to Willam. The boy people in the photo are my cousin and his boyf. Anyway, they were flawless, it was flawless, too fucking flawless. If you get the chance to see them, go. They got it down pat, and they sing and rap pretty damn well!


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Quickie Review: Rimmel ‘Kate’ Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Emerald

Rimmel have added some new items to their Kate Moss line this time we’re being treated to some eye makeup. The gel liner in ‘Emerald’ immediately caught my eye – I’ve always loved green liner and in my early twenties, green glitter eyeliner was a staple look of mine. The outer packaging looks very similar to the Maybelline gel liners too, so I was interested to see how they compare.

Rimmel KAte Waterproof Eyeliner in Emerald

Very similar to the Maybelline, no?

Rimmel KAte Waterproof Eyeliner in Emerald 2

Like the Maybelline one, this also comes with a brush. Sadly, the brush isn’t as nice as the Maybelline one at all, though it looks very similar. It’s hard to achieve a fine line with the Maybelline one but it is possible and I actually quite rate them, especially for lipstick and spot concealing. I really struggled with the Rimmel one, as you’ll see below.

The liner itself is the main event though. Unlike a lot of other high end and ever drugstore gel liners, the Rimmel comes in a cheaper looking plastic pot, with Kate’s signature on the top. I don’t really care about the packaging of an eyeliner looks wise, but in my experience products like this that are in glass jars simply last longer and don’t dry out as fast. It’s a shame considering that other liners at the same price point do have glass jars.

Rimmel KAte Waterproof Eyeliner in Emerald Swatch

‘Emerald’ is a slightly misleading colour – this is a blackened green. I was expecting from the picture on the packaging for it to be a green matte, and this has a good amount of shimmer. Expectations aside, this is still a bloody gorgeous colour and very wearable! I’m excited to have a pretty liner I can pull off at work. The downside is, as with a lot of more shimmery gel liners, that you do sacrifice full opacity and you may have to go over areas once or twice to prevent patchiness – this is pretty opaque but not 100%.

Rimmel Kate Waterproof Eyeliner in Emerald Swatch 2

A very quick application with the brush – the brush is just not great, folks. However, the liner applied smoothly, gliding across the lid really nicely, and it sets fast – this isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! I have to touch up a few tiny places where it looked less opaque, but

While this isn’t a totally perfect liner, it’s very pretty and not a purchase I regret one bit! ’Emerald’ costs £6.99 and is available from Boots and Superdrug.

Who makes your favourite gel eyeliners?