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Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Hello children... no agenda here, just some looks I had sat on my computer, feeling lonely...

Just the Sleek original palette, which I have been sorely neglecting and MAC Gesso to highlight. Loved this look - I always forget how great the texture of these shadows looks.

Wasn't so sure about this one. I used Evil Shades Seraphic on the lid, with TSS Can't Hide from Karma in the crease and Fyrinnae Wicked on the lower lashline. I guess the upper lid colour combo is pretty, but... you know, I kind of felt meh about it. Any suggestions?

And first up in the group of Those That Shall Not Be Photographed, this look, which I really loved using the Wet n Wild Sky's the Limit Duo I got from Cydonian (matte blue -wow, it's an amazing matte blue - on the lid, shimmery aqua in the crease) and Hi-Fi Another Day, Another Drama for all the purpley goodness.

Taking its place beside the last look is this minty chocolately goodness, which I was SO annoyed I couldn't get photos of, because I loved it! I'd wanted to do it for ages. I used TSS Rules of Reverence, Hi-Fi's Sweet Dreams, MUA Shade 12 and probably some Sleek browns with UD Bourbon pencil.

Ok, and now a few questions for you ladies. My god, I am in serious need of some concealers that WORK. I need a good undereye concealer (price isn't that big an issue, I need one badly. Ok, maybe I badly need to put an expensive one on my list for Santa, but whatevs.) My undereye area is neither oily nor dry, but I do have fine lines there. I also need a good blemish concealer, though less badly. I'm just fed up of piling on the Colorstay on a spotty day! Pleeeeeease tell me what you use/like/hate. kthxbai xxxx


  1. mufe concealer palette, it has 5 different colors, is a bit on the expensive side but it works. look it up ;)

  2. love the lashes in the 2nd look, gorgeous.

  3. You know I swear by Mac Select Moisturecover. My circles have been bad lately and it still really makes a difference. You do need to set it with a little powder though as it will settle throughout the day. A lot of people swear by Benefit Erase Paste... haven't tried that. Hmm... do you get Maybelline's SuperStay over there? I heard it was identical to the Mac one I mentioned, but cheaper, at least here anyway.

    I looove your Sleek original palette look, lovely xx

  4. Oh, if you do the mac one, be sure to go for an NW shade for undereye circles. :) I'd say you're NW15

  5. I think the second one is pretty :) Don't you think Shade 12 is AMAZING?! It's just stunning. Love. It. Muchos. As for concealer, right now I'm using Kryolan ultra foundation (cream) as a concealer and it's the best I've used, especially for dark 'shadows.

  6. I still haven't found a good concealer for my dark circles. At this point, price isn't an issue for me either. Erase Paste is what I use now but it's really not great at all, it's very shiny and sticky and has to be set with a powder, which then gets into all my lines and makes it very obvious I'm heavily concealing. It sounds like we have the same issue so if you find something that works, PLEASE let me know. I'll do the same!

  7. They're all pretty, but the first and the last ones are my absolute favorites!

  8. I love how similar the lid shade in the first look is to your eye colour :D and the mint chocolate look is coooooooooool bro

    I like MAC Studio Finish Concealer for my acne, but I have to blend it in with a fluffy eyeshadow blender type brush to get the best effect. I also hear Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer is great too

  9. @snooze: I'll definitely check it out, MUFE is a pain in the butt to get in the UK though. But a palette sounds pretty good.

    @Cydonian: I think we get SuperStay - we definitely had the foundation. If not, I might check the MAC one out :)

    @Beauty's Bad Habit: Shade 12 is awesome! I can't get over the fact it only cost me a quid. I might see about the Kryolan, I have to go to ScreenFace before Hallowe'en anyway :)

    @Heather: Le Poo, I was thinking about Erase Paste. Although I've never liked any of benefit's concealers/foundations/primers that I've tried. I shall keep you updated in my quest!

    @SilhoutteScreams: Cheers blood :) I've heard good things about the Bobbi Brown, my friend swears by it. And I use a fluffy brush too - the MUA at Mac one accidentally-on-purpose sold me a 224 and I was like, ah, you wanker, what am I going to use that for? And then pixiwoo saved the day!

  10. Hey! What product do you use on your brows? Like it long time!

  11. For concealers, I have tried the maybelline mousse something and it looks cakey : eeek. I tried the NYC wheel (very cheap) , looks natural but is a light concealer. I want to try the MUFE one but when I saw it at Sephora, I was reluctant because of the texture (looks really creamy and greasy)...I am with you for the quest of the perfect concealer....

    Caro xxx
    PS L that chocolate shade is amazing !

  12. @Kat O: It's just a Rimmel brow pencil! I love them! Shade is Hazel, has just a hint of red in it

    @Caro: I WILL find one! I will!

  13. Right, I need to track me that down! Thanks for letting me know!

  14. I actually use EDM foundation in Fair for under eye area, but am not sure how it would look on skintones other than my own.

  15. Wow this is gorgeous!! Love this shade...Looks fab on your eyes sweety!!!!

  16. I have MAC Select Moisturecover, ELF Undereye Conceral and Highlight and Benefits Erase Paste.

    The MAC one is probably my favourite, it blends really well, isn't cakey and gives me just the right amount of cover. The ELF one is a pretty good dupe.

    Benefit Erase paste is heavy,dry and I think it cakes up a little too much, it's great for when my circles are really bad but I have to use a good eyecream under it for it to blend nicely, so not worth it in my opinion!


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