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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Fyrinnae!!! (Swatches and LOTD)

A wee little Fyrinnae order popped onto my doormat yesterday (kicking the arse of their own TAT by arriving around 11 days after I ordered!)

fyrinnae eyeshadow swatches 2
fyrinnae eyeshadow swatches

L-R: Superstar, Orangutan, , Sequinned Master, Futuristic Glamrock, Knickers in a Twist

Well, well, well! I don’t order from Fyrinnae too often, but every time I do, I wonder why I don’t!

Superstar is an amazing bright pink with a very subtle blue highlight. It’s not super shimmery, but I wouldn’t say it was a satin either.  Orangutan is BEAUTIFUL. It’s described as “pale soft copper (or dusky peach),” and I’d say that’s pretty spot on, although it looks more coppery to my eyes than the website swatch.  Sequinned Master (Arcane Magic) is a light grape-purple with pink and blue sparks. When you get it. When light hits it directly, it looks more pink. Really interesting and pretty shade. Futuristic Glamrock (Arcane Magic) was my free sample! It’s a cool, bright icy blue with tons of pink sparks which show when the light hits – can’t wait to pair it with Sequinned Master. Knickers in a Twist is a dark grey-taupe with a coppery/bronze shimmer. I can tell already this is going to make it’s way into my regular routine.


Fyrinnae Ibis


This looks MUCH brighter in real life, I promise – see below for a more colour accurate swatch. It’s a beautiful, beautiful colour. I wouldn’t say it’s fully opaque, but it’s less of a sheer-feeling formula than some other Fyrinnae Lip Lustres are and certainly has enough coverage to  wear it alone. It’s very metallic and very awesome, and I think I’ll be purchasing a full size!

Fyrinnae Narwhal Nuzzles

“Narwhal Nuzzles”

One, awesome name. I love a narwhal. Two, it’s gorgeous. A touch more turquoise than straight blue like my swatch shoes, but it’s got pretty good opacity – I think it looks really unattractive when your natural lip colour shows through blue and green lip products. Really, really awesome colour. I used to buy my blues from a now defunct indie company so to get an awesome one from Fyrinnae makes me very, very happy.

Fyrinnae Panda Kisses

“Panda Love”

Again with the cute names! This is a sheerer, cooler mint colour. Saying that I don’t like any lip colour showing through blue/green colours, this actually looks lovely! I’m really interested in layering this over purples – I’m thinking Illamasqua Kontrol or Wet N Wild Ravin’ Raisin would look really awesome.

fyrinnae lip swatcheslip lustres

Just a more colour accurate swatch for you there, but mostly, LOOK HOW TINY THEY ARE. OH MY CHRIST SO TINY. I love, love, love these tiny little vials. They are a little difficult to apply colour with – which is clearly stated on the site - but for $2 you really can catch them all! I’ve taken to rolling the colour from the doefoot on to the back of my hand, and then picking it up on the tip and applying again. Taking a tweezer to the seal on the bottle and pulling it out might also help you pick up more colour. Pictured in the background there is the awesome shiny paper that everything was packaged in!

And now for a LOTD, and then I’ll shut up!

superstar orangutan 2

superstar orangutan 3
superstar orangutan 4
superstar orangutan

Eyes: Outer lid and crease, Fyrinnae Superstar. Inner lid, Fyrinnae Orangutan. Upper lashline, Knickers in a Twist. Lower lashline, Fyrinnae Knickers in a Twist, Orangutan. Inner and brow highlight, Fyrinnae Moon Child.
Cheeks: Fyrinnae Enchant blush, Benefit Moon Beam.
Lips: Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Visual Kei.

NICE INNIT? What are your favourite Fyrinnae colours?


  1. Well, now I need Orangutan! Thanks for this post. ;)

  2. Ooo Isis! Luuurrrvveee! I've never ordered from Fyrinnae before, even though it seems everybody has *something* from them! One day I'll give in and put in an order! ♥

  3. What gawjus colours, I wish I could pull of mint lips. That said, I've never tried, so maybe I can. I should really order some stuff from here. Lovely! PS what the pants is the deal with your eyelashes on the last pics? Are they false, and if so what are they, and if they are real then GOOD GOD they look awesome and I need whatever is making it look like that. x

  4. Love, want, now! Thanks for sharing Robyn! x

  5. Isis is so pretty! I've been thinking about getting it, and I think I might next time I order from Fyrinnae after seeing how it looks on you :)

  6. Love those blue lips and funnily enough I'm wearing pink eye shadow today, not sure if it looks as fab as yours, though! x

  7. LOVE that eye look, these are all gorgeous colors! Isis is really nice on you :)

  8. SEQUINED MASTER <3. I love pinkkkk on you.

  9. It's hard to pick a favourite from Fyrinnae! Faerie Glamour comes to mind, it's a pretty awesome purple shadow. My FAVOURITE lip lustre is Pierced and my favourite wearable lip lustre is Shangri-La.


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