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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Busy bee, me! Fashion shoot and Circus makeup.

Last week I had a super busy weekend – up at the crack of stupid o’clock to do a fashion  shoot and then off to do the circus.



Model: Karen Tsui
Photographer: Peter Culka
Stylist: Pash
Designer: Martyna DArgiewicz


Karen, the model, invited me along to a shoot for Theory of E, a new label, at Canary Wharf. All the clothes were so versatile – one top could be turned upside down and worn as harem pants – and all based from one print. We shot the film, for which I did more natural makeup on Karen and then did a purple and hot pink look for some snaps in the afternoon. I’ve worked with Karen before and had met her previously on group shoots before that – she is so lovely and it’s so nice to work with her. And she’s a great model, of course.

When I was all done, I nipped on the tube to Aircraft Circus which was having a weekend of circus, cabaret and family events for charity. My friend Kat who does aerial hoop asked me to come along and help with the makeup – I didn’t even end up doing hers! Anyway, I had to design for two acts, sexy fire girls on the static trapze and whales/seals for silks. Because there were a lot of performers and not a lot of time, I had to work out easy designs that I could show step-by-step:

fire girls



face charts

It’s really hard trying to instruct people who don’t wear makeup well enough that they could do it on their own! I tried to do clear step-by-step, list the products for each step and write instructions on the bottom. I used Kryolan greasepaints, the 120 palette and other various bits and bobs like Sleek blushes and Pout Paints and Kryolan glitters.


This is my male whale!

How rubbish that that photo? It doesn’t show the barnacles or glitter at all, or the awesome costume. I didn’t get any good photos of my performers– the dressing room was in the area where they do their yoga and was really bloody dark for makeup application! The show itself was pretty dark too, but there was a photographer so I’ll post photos when I have some. Anyway, even though it was three nights of go, go, go (one night I did all three fire girls, my two whales, touched up and tweaked the seal, put some makeup on the band as well as the very sexy and awesome baton-twirling guy… and added some glitter here and there all in just over 90 minutes!) I’d really love to do it again!


Phew. I’m still knackered!


  1. Wow im so jealous of you!!!

    Love what you did with the eyes I love all of it your so talented little lady

  2. You just get better, love the circus make-up!! xx

  3. You are so talented! When I finally make it to London, I'm going to have you do my makeup!

  4. Wow, amazing sketches! You're such an artist!

  5. Wow, that sounds brilliant! I can't wait to do stuff like this, hopefully soon! The makeup looks great :D

  6. lovely lovely work! totally cool shoot, she's a pretty model

  7. Gaaaawwwww so proud of you *squish*

  8. Wow! That's awesome! Go you!! :)

  9. Awesome! I love when you do photo shoot post! I can't believe you did makeup on that many people in only 90 minutes!


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