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Thursday, 2 June 2011

May Favourites

I said I wouldn't do another favourites post, and apparently I'm a liar. Ah well. Let's see what I've been enjoying this month.

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche
There's something about a Chanel fragrance that's so luxurious to me! This is an old favourite of mine that my boyfriend bought for me for my birthday - he says it smells of me, so I guess I have to wear it! Shame. It apparently has notes of 'Jasmine, Water Hyacinth, Citron, Teakwood, White Musk, Patchouli Amber, Vetiver,' but I don't know what any of those things smell like - to me it smells awesome. I should really write more perfume reviews.

Fyrinnae Damn Paladins
My favourite neutral and go-to shadow, I've been bunging this on quite a lot lately! Soft clay-taupe with green/blue shimmer - really unusual and beautiful, but still subtle enough for those gotta-get-outta-the-house mornings! I'm wearing it here, here, here... you get my drift. If my makeup was on fire, this is one of those shades I'd burn my hands to shit for to save.

Milani Orange-Gina
Ok, so I only got this right at the end of May as a gift from Wendy, but I love it already! You all know I love an orange lippy and I'd been lusting after this for ages! It's packed with a pretty intense gold shimmer - it's just uber flattering on me and I love it. You can see me wearing in our Inglot haul video here.

Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen by Todd Debreceni.
Yes, it's a book. Since I got my Kindle, pages confuse me, but I keep picking up this bad boy, opening a page at random and learning something new - this book is crammed with prosthetics stuff I had no idea about! My mum bought me this book for my birthday because she thought I'd find it interesting. If you always skip to the makeup on DVD extras, this book is well worth a look. It's got everything from facial anatomy to bald caps to wigs to making false ears.  Really cool book, fanks Mum!

Calvin Klein Eyeshadow Brush 2.
I bought a load of discount brushes from Fragrance Direct and this a really cute eye brush. It's a fluffy paddle shape, so nice if you blend with a windshield wiper motion, and dense enough for application if you want a wash of colour. Nice all-rounder, bargain at £2.99!

Well, that's all folks - not that much from me this month, I know, but it's been a very makeup-less month - I haz a lazy. I have a feeling I know what June's favourites are going to be already though! Feel free to point me in the direction of your May favourites posts.


  1. That book sounds all varieties of awesome! I wish prosthetic materials weren't so pricey because they're strangely relaxing to make haha :)

  2. @BBH: I know barely anything about prosthetics, but it seems really cool. It's a shame it's not something I can just try out!

  3. That fragrance sounds incredible! I'm not a fragrance girl, or I'd put it on my wishlist (I love jasmine scents!) And aah, I just did my first Fyrinnae haul, and I can't believe I decided to skip Damn Paladins. =[

  4. Damn Paladins is one of my faves too. Perfect for work imo, when I wanna wear something 'cool' but not crazy.

  5. lol I haven't heard of, nor tried, any of these products, but they all sound great!

  6. Everytime I see the Orange-Gina lipstick I think of orange vaginas. I'm a dirty girl. :(

  7. Damn Paladins IS an awesome colour on you, I see why you use it so much! Also, I'd love to read some fragrance reviews if you're going to do them!

  8. Oooh Orange-Gina looks lovely! I love me an orange lippie too :) I think I have that book too, I've one with the same name anyway :)

  9. Great faves! I have none for last month. Your blog is awesome!! :)

  10. Need to see moar of that Milani lipstick! Also LOL I totally read Gina like 'va-gina' in my head ;]


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