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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Labyrinth Mini Series Part 2: The Worm

The worm is SOCUTEOMFG. One of my favourite Henson creatures ever and there are so many fantastic ones in this film alone – if you’ve not seen it, it’s worth watching just for the fantastic puppetry! (See also: The Dark Crystal.)

I’ve got two looks for him, and now I look at them, I realise I should have gone with a more orangey red, espeically seeing as there’s a lot of red white and blue around today! Ah, well!

cute worm 1
cute worm 2
cute worm 2

Eyes: NYX JEP in Milk, La Colours JEP in Bikini Time, MAC Gesso, Inglot AMC 317, Hi-Fi Cosmetics Mornings of Gold, Inglot AMC matte gel liner (red), Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner.
Cheeks: MAC Modern Mandarin
Lips: Wet n Wild Salsa Lessons

I really liked this look and thought it was kind of cute, but it’s not… The Worm-y enough?

Take 2…

the worm 2
the worm 3
the worm 1

Lid: From Sleek Storm Palette
Brows: Inglot AMC 371, e.l.f eyebrow and lash gel
Crease/Lower lashine: LA Colours Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bikini Time. Inglot AMC 317, blue from MUA Glamour Days Palette, Sleek Glitter liner in Carribean.
Liner: Sugarpill Love+ over LA Colours Jumbo Eye Pencil in Popsicle.

Obviously I went for a lot of blue in this look as well, and cute blue brows to represent all his little fluffy bits!

Man, I love the worm! <3


  1. BEAUTIFUL (and take two is sooooo cute! Good for a Labyrinth inspired Halloween?! I think so) x

  2. obviously the first one is pretty but when you look at the second one, right after, it's like WOAH, perfect. fierce. love it. liloo/@tsunimee xx

  3. Liking the red liner here! Have never seen Labyrinth, but want to now!! :) x

  4. love this you did a fab job, lemming the lippie agaaaaain

  5. I love the worm's enthusiasm for cups of tea, but he's not my favourite Labyrinth character... I'm looking forward to seeing some of my favourites! I like the blue fluffy eyebrows very much indeed. x

  6. Argh, he is my FAVOURITE! :D Love your second look, the blue brows really look like him :)

  7. Haha, awesome! I love both of these looks; the first seems like a more "wearable" interpretation, whereas the second seems much more true to the source material. I'm loving this series, please keep it coming!

  8. I loooove them both but take 2 is my fave!

  9. Both look are great, i liked that detail of making the beginning of the eyeliner red!
    And i love blue brows, don't know why, they just looks so great. And you pull them off just as great as ruth does!!/Azure

  10. *sighs dreamily* These looks are so perfect for the worm. I can't wait to see you do a Jareth look or a Ludo look. Omg Hoggle too! I just love this whole series!

  11. Wooooooorrrrrmmmmmm. Also OMG the Dark Crystal. I might do a Dark Crystal series. *makes skeksis noise* "mmmmmmhmmmmmmmmm"

    Ok now I've geeked out I'mma comment on the actual makeup and I love both of these looks but OMG the second one is so perfect for the Worm. Bitch you got skillz.

  12. I adore the second wormy look so much! Labyrinth is suuuuch a great movie!!!

  13. I like the second look, your blue eyebrows remind me of his fluffy blue hair!

  14. Did you say Hello?
    Naaah, I said 'allo, but that's close enough!

    Love the worm x


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