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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Shimmer and Smoke LOTD with Sleek Storm Palette

I’ve been using the Sleek Storm palette a lot lately as I’ve hit pan on a lot of the colours and I want to finish some of them up.

I’ve been trying to do little tweaks on a smokey eye lately, or wear them in a different style to what I would normally do. Here I didn’t close off the outer corner, and I went a lot heavier on the lower lashline than on top. I used to wear a *lot* of eyeliner on the lower lashline when I was younger and looking back it makes me cringe, so I’ve been trying to find a nicer way to do it!

shimmer and smoke 2

shimmer and smoke 1

shimmer and smoke 3

shimmer and smoke 4

Eyes: Sleek Storm Palette, MAC Paint Pot in Blackground
Lips: MAC Lady Danger
Cheeks: Darling Girl Bronze Goddess, gold from Sleek Storm palette

I loved this look but somehow I felt like I was wearing a lot of makeup! What shape do you normally do for your smokey eyes?


  1. I love the eye make up, it probably felt heavier in real life than it looks on the pics, you know how it is with pics. I like the spikey thing on your barnet too. Also guilty of too much eyeliner, what can I say, I got my make up tips from Nicky Wire. I still do it if I'm going out, I've barely learned a thing since. At least I've quit writing "I'm so modern everything is pointless" in eyeliner allover my arms. What does that even mean anyway? x

    1. If I start questioning my Manics-based fashion choices.... I think I will have to start questioning my sanity.

  2. Woman you is hot, need Lady Danger in my life

  3. This is so beautiful, especially with the headpiece it has a very 1920's feel to me! When I do a smokey eye I usually concentrate color in the outer corner and crease, and then just do a dark eyeliner around the entire eye... But I think that's more out of laziness as opposed to it being something I prefer. I suck at smokey eyes!

  4. Well i do different shapes of my smokeys depending on what mood i'm in. But having it strong under the bottom lashes is really something i'm in for the moment, but don't you think we've learned more since we we're younger???;)
    Anyhow i really liked this look and don't think it was too strong!/Azure

  5. Wow! Love this take on the smokey eye! Your eyes really pop in the full face shot! I'm going to have to try to re-create this look sometime!

  6. I like how you didn't close off the outer corner, it looks different!


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