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Monday, 17 September 2012

Labyrinth Mini Series: Jareth

Had to get around to the Goblin King at some point, didn’t I? I toddled off to my makeup room with a copy of my DVD in hand, all ready to copy the basics and add a girly twist!

Well, who would have thunk it, drawing straight lines on one persons face might have a totally different result on someone else's face! Bowies eyes are much more hooded than mine, which means he had less of a crease to contend with when doing the outside ‘wing.’ part. I had to use a lot of liner on my top lid and fashion that part of the look as extended eyeliner because it was just looking weird and wrong and I couldn’t be bothered to cover my brows. Also, having looked at more stills to try and work out how I could have done a better adaptation for my eye shape, I’ve realised that the look is actually quite purple, and not black. So the look is a lot more different than I intended, but with all the graphic liners that have been floating around on catwalks and in editorials the last few seasons I’ll just pass this off as a modern adaptation, yes?

I still plan to do a more straight-up version of the look as a tutorial in time for Halloween, with the nose contouring and so on,  but I’ll be finding a male volunteer for that as I need more practice on dudes anyway and I want to tackle this look on someone with meatier eyebrows than mine.

Jareth 2
Jareth 3
jareth 4

Eyes: NYX JEP in Milk, MAC Gesso, Sleek Black, elf Lock N’ Seal, Urban Decay Perversion, Wet N Wild glitter
Face: Illamasqua Emerge, Sleek Suede, Boots No 7 Vital Enlightening Highlighter
Lips: MUA Juicy

You can see how I didn’t really manage to tackle this with my eye shape! I do love the brow part, however, and the last shot shows that even on me where this doesn’t work, from certain angles it looks quite cool. There’s a great look my my NARS book where the model just has the first half of her brow sketched in and I thought this would be a good time to play with that seeing as I didn’t really want to contour my entire nose! I added lashes and more obvious glitter (of COURSE he wears glitter!) to keep it feminine and went for a more pink-peach on the lips as opposed to Bowies nude-peach.

I’m also wondering if Bowie did his makeup for this movie, and who designed it. Does anyone know? The internet isn’t working for me on this one.

So yeah…. a wee bit of a fail, but experimentation FTW! And I will be revisiting this soon! I’ve really enjoyed doing the series and thanks to everyone who indulged my nerdiness on this one!


  1. What a legend. Him and you :D ...cheese x

  2. Oh my goodness! I just looooove this! Well done!! XD <3 <3

  3. wowwwwwww wonderfull makeup!!! ^_____^

  4. You forgot the sock in your spandex pants. Naw... <3 This is awesome! Love the bit of glitter.

  5. I think this turned out great, I especially love the glitter up by your brows.

  6. thanks for sharing.


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