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Monday, 10 September 2012

Lucky Dip!

Lauren Luke of YouTube (and I’m sure other YouTubers as well) has been doing a series of Lucky Dip posts – rummage in your storage, pull out something at random and make a look with it! I thought it looked fun, so I’ve done a few Lucky Dip looks for you. I decided to use my indie eyeshadow and keep them to an eye look rather than a full face look – mainly because all my indie shadows are stored together and the jars are really similar, so I wouldn’t be able to tell what I was picking by touch! I’m going to use four shadows for each look, and pick a glitter and a pencil eyeliner for each look as well. Again, these items are easy for me to rummage for! Because I don’t have a ton of bases and brow products, I’ve allowed myself to chose whatever I normally would use for my brows if I need to, and use regular bases like my MUA primer and NYX Milk (but not coloured primers or paintpots.)

Let’s see what I pulled out for Lucky Dip number 1:

Post 1

kingfisher living dead grl persuasion wisteria cloud

Clockwise from top left: glitter from eBay, Silk Naturals Kingfisher, Living Dead Grrl That’s A Fact, Darling Girl Wisteria Cloud, Darling Girl Peacemaker, Rimmel Cool Blue.

Well, this could have turned out a lot worse! The eyeliner and the chartreuse shade worried me, but I really like what I came up with…


First I applied “It’s a Fact!” to the outer half of my lid. I then applied “Kingfisher” to the outer half, and then went back in with “It’s a Fact!” and blended in the middle. Next I went in with “Peacemaker” and blended that through the crease.Then, I took Rimmel “Cool Blue” kohl pencil and lined my waterline and lower lashline, taking it up past my waterline to join the shadow on the upper lid. I then took “Peacemaker” again and blended that over the pencil on the outer half of my lashline, again joining it up with the top. Then I took “Wisteria Cloud” and use it as a highlight on my inner corner and browbone. Mixing “Peacemaker” with some mixing medium, I then used it as a liner and winged it out to join up with the “Peacemaker”/”Cool Blue” combo on the lower lashline. Lastly, I tapped a little of the glitter over Pixie epoxy to give my lower lashline some sparkle.

I think I got quite lucky with this one, no?


  1. I love the idea of "Lucky Dip"... would make it a bit easier for when you can't decide on what colors to use :-) This look turned out really well, the chartreuse helps balance the overall coolness/purple-ness of the whole look

    1. I did four in a row and they didn't all come out so great, but I think I'm going to try and do it more often so I don't do safe looks all the time!

  2. Perfect thing to do to use your stash! I need to do this! I have so many indie pigments that I hardly even touch anymore, and I just keep getting more. Sounds like a challenge that I need! I do like the look you came up with.

  3. This is a really fun concept! I like being forced to work within confines when it comes to creative projects, I think I will try this the next time I have some time set aside to play with makeup. I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  4. This turned out very nicely!! I love the green and blue together!!

  5. That turned out SO WELL! And gives me an idea of what to do with my very neglected mint and chartreuse shades :)

  6. This is an awesome "lucky dip" :D Turned out gorgeous !
    I saw her video's too , they are so much fun . I was thinking about doing some "Lucky Dips" by myself .

  7. That is so cool!! I love those shades together.


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