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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Quickie Review: Lush Twilight

Yeah, yeah, we all know how bath bombs work and I think we've all reconciled ourselves to the fact that we get overexcited about fizzy beauty products. But I love the scent of this one so much, so I'm going to have a wee rave.

Despite fizzing away fairly quickly, the lovely lavender water gets choc-a-bloc with iridescent glitter... very beautiful for bath water (hyperbole? Moi?) and perfect for sparkle addicts like me! I also like the blue appearing as it dissolves - a fair few Lush bombs change colour as they melt away which I kind of enjoy.
My favourite thing has to be the scent though! Where once I'd wrinkle my nose at Grannyish lavender, when mixed in with the sweet, Horlicks-like malty smell I can't get enough of it. Perfect for sleepy time, it's a bit pricey for regular use at £3.20 a pop, but luckily for my newly lavender-loving schnozz, Lush have brought out a shower gel version for Christmas. Hurrah!



  1. I love Lush bath bombs! Must check this one out! x Marina

  2. I love fun bath products! I haven't used a bath bomb in ages! This sounds like it probably smells amazing; I love lavender scented things, it's such a soothing smell.

  3. I'm with you on lavender, I like it mixed in with other smells. With citrus it's amazing. I had a lush lavender and orange lip balm, yummyyyy.


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