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Monday, 13 June 2011

Wet & Wild 'Blue Had Me At Hello' Looks

Oh lord, if that isn't the worst name for a palette ever, I'm Jodie Marsh. Embarrassing name aside, this palette is the bomb diggety. I can't say enough good things about the quality of W&W's shadows for the price and this palette has some stunners. It's been out for a while now, so I haven't swatched it for you - check out the great 8 pan swatches on Vampy Varnish.  Also go and look at the swatches/dupes Wendy has up here - she bought me all my W&W, pretty much, so it's only fair.

Anyway, I have been using it a fair bit this week, so here's a few looks:

Blue eyeshadow, blue eyes. Woah there, cowboy. Don't you know thems against der rules?!
I wore all these looks with Darling Girl Fuji/Boardwalk blush and Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick in Primrose Path.

The only 'criticism' I have of the palette is that it really doesn't need to have black and a sparkly black... if you're using it to darken your crease, you're going to buff out all the sparkles anyway. That aside, I think the colours are chosen well and are pretty versatile - the browbone and lid colour on the right hand side are to die for. If you like blues... and crappy puns.... I'd recommend it!

I'll be shouting my love for the 'Comfort Zone' palette shortly... Urban Decay naked palette can go and do one, as far as I'm concerned!


  1. I love the Wet N Wild Palettes! For people who are looking for something budget friendly, I instantly think of them... the new formulations are really impressive. I love the Comfort Zone palette they released, it is amazing!

  2. I don't have any of the 8 pans and I'm not sure why... they're only 5 bucks. I've tried to buy Comfort Zone a few time but it's ALWAYS sold out.

  3. Love all of the looks, especially the bottom one... I like the different placements you tried. I tend to go for the standard light to dark gradient, may have to try some of these!

  4. I keep hearing about these W&W palettes and I can't believe all the rave reviews they keep getting! I can remember a time when W&W was the kind of makeup 5th graders used. I guess I'm going to have to put my preconceived notions aside and try one of these, though they really do need to get a new marketing team for the name of the products.

    Maybe: I Just Blue Myself. Hah. I kid. Kind of.

  5. Very pretty, I love the main lid blue. The name is pretty bad, but so bad it's good? :P

  6. Stunning look! Love these colors on you! I still don't have any of the new WnW 8 pan palettes!

  7. Pretty! I might need to pick that one up. I have "I Dream of Greenie" and I LOVE IT! It is AWESOME. Also I have the "I'm Feeling Retro" trio and it is okay. I wouldn't normally use those colors together? Lol.

  8. Wow, that looks amazing!


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  9. That looks gorgeous! And ITA. Having two different blacks in one palette is redundant.

  10. I must say that I am always a little skeptical of the Wet N Wild palettes because I used to use WnW when I was about 12 years old and it was awful! However, any time I see people using/reviewing these palettes, they seem to look really good! Perhaps they've changed in the last trillion years since I was 12. My favourite look here is the 3rd one. The colour on your lid looks beautiful!

  11. I really love the colour combination of the eyeshadow look! and your blending is spectacular!

  12. I think blue looks great on blue eyes! Love the top one especially :)

  13. The Wet & Wild Palettes are all pretty amazing. I am so impressed with how they've stepped up their game in the Beauty World! Very pretty look!

  14. Pretty! I envy your blending skills.

  15. @Mandy: I really wish they were available in the UK, but I guess we have Sleek so I can't complain!

    @Musing On Beauty: *blush*

    @Jessi M: I can see why! It's lovely. Worth keeping an eye out for!

    @CydonianMU: I like the bottom one too. That turquoise colour in the palette is just gorgeous! It reminds me of Fyrinnae Digital Faerie, but without a green shift.

    @Meredith Jessica: I'd really recommend giving them a try - I've even used them on photoshoots. Of all the palettes I've tried, this one is let down overall by the blacks, but generally, the colours are fantastic and the payoff is great - especially the mattes which are great for drugstore.

    Also: I just blue myself: CLASSIC.

    @GemX: It's SO cheesy, right? They couldn't have called it... Blue... Cheese... Oh, I don't know.

    @The Peach: I can't remember what the purple one is called but I think those would be amazing colours for you.

    @RoboZelda: I really like the look of I Dream of Greenie (another stellar name there :/). I have I'm Feeling Retro and I love the pinky purple in it... it's lovely with the blue but I think another colour instead of the white would have made it more useable for some people.

    @Dina: Thankyou! It's a really cute palette.

    @JC: Yeah, it's a shame, but there's a lot going on here even without the blacks so it's not too much of a waste.

    @Vulcan_Butterfly: Yeah, a lot of people have said that but we didn't have it over here I don't think so no preconceptions for me! If there were crap back in the day they've certainly stepped up their game!

    @nana: Aw, thanks! I quite liked some of these looks and I wish I'd got some better photographs.

    @sepia_raven: Me too! That 'rule' is one of my pet beauty hates. Its like telling people with brown eyes they can't wear taupes because it's a brown colour - it's just so silly.

    @Jackee: I'm a big fan!

    @Red lips, Black Hair: Thankyou very much, gorgeous! :)

  16. @Lillian: Aww, thanks chicken :)

  17. It's the only 8 pan palette i don't have ... i need it :D , Awesome look ;)

  18. I love this eye look. It looks amazing on you!

  19. 'Blue had me at hello' is one of my absolute favorites! I really like how you played around with the color placement...gave me lots of new inspiration. Looks are awesome! :)

  20. First and third looks are my favourite :) haha the name is almost as bad as 'Blue My Mind'

  21. This is a great blue look for blue eyes - something I normally can't pull off! But I think I'll try to recreate this! x

  22. this post makes me happy. i first saw this palette on cosmetic candy and seeing you using it beautifully is almost as fun as playing with it myself x (lol, i nearly said 'as fun as playing with myself' ha! x

  23. Love the last look! That blue colour is gorgeous!

    Jonna xx


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