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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Top Five Favourite MAC Blushes

I do love me a MAC blush, I won’t lie! They don’t get as much love from me personally as they should, as they’re all kit blushes - I have four full palettes now and they’re hugely useful to me. These are my personal favourites that I like using on myself, though.

favourite mac blushers 2

Favourite Mac Blushers


MAC Harmony (Matte)

Everyone loves MAC Harmony – it’s a lovely contouring colour for paler skins, and it’s a pretty subtle contour on me which I really like. It does lean a little warm, but not too warm and I just find it really versatile. A MAC classic.

MAC Modern Mandarin (Satin)

From last years Tres Cheek collection, this is a beautiful bright, orange based blush. It’s got a lovely satin sheen that makes it much less scary on the cheeks. It’s just really brightening and pretty! I thought it was LE, but as of writing it’s still available on the website.

MAC Buff (Matte)

Oh Buff, how I love thee! It’s a beautifully natural colour on my cheeks when blended out. The website describes it as a “soft muted pinkish-peach,” but I see a little more brown in it. Either way, it’s a very natural, effortless and subtle colour and I use it a lot – it pretty much goes with every look.

MAC Mocha (Matte)

Ok, so Buff and Mocha look pretty similar here, but on the cheek they look much more different. MAC describes Mocha as a “soft plum-pink” and there’s certainly much more pink here than in Buff, and so does give a little more rosiness on the cheek. Again, really really easy colour to wear.

MAC Peaches (Sheertone)

I wouldn’t be being true to myself if I didn’t have a peach blusher in my MAC favourites as I have four or five in different finishes. Peaches is, as the name suggests, a straight up peach colour. I love, love, love a peach blush on my skin and this applies subtly, beautifully and really lifts my complexion. If I had to keep one MAC blush I’d be tempted by Peaches!

As you can see, I kind of prefer their more natural and neutral colours! What are your favourites MAC Blushes?


  1. I love your picks! Peaches is my favorite too :)

  2. Peaches was my first MAC blush and I still love it!

  3. Replies

  4. I do not own a single MAC blush! All Illamasqua, Barry M, Stila and the odd Chanel.

    I bypass MAC for most things apart from the paint pots, gel liner and lipstick. The banging music puts me off going to a counter or any of their stores, both pro and consumer.

    May well use this post as a starting point to start ordering online.

  5. Why have I never tried Peaches? I like Fleur Power, Pinch me and Peachy Keen for when I want more of a shimmer x

  6. Buff sounds perfect for my skin! Off to the MAC counter haha...

    Lela -

  7. Modern Mandarin looks lovely. I might need to try Harmony cause I still need a good contour for me but nothing is cool and pale enough for me :/ Peaches looks lovely too! ohhh damn you makeup.

    1. Harmony might be a bit warm maybe? I want to try whatever the Illamasqua cream pigment is that Rachel has a uses to contour!

  8. Coygirl has always been my favourite, it just always works well on me no matter what other makeup I have put on. I really want Modern Mandarin, it looks gorgeous.


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