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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mini Haul: Illamasqua Sacred Hour Collection

As soon as Illamasqua launched their collection I wondered what I was going to get! The colours are beautiful for autumn and the collection as a whole really shows how savvy Illamasqua is when it comes to having collections with something for everyone. From soft neutral eye colours and insanely pigmented blushers, to interesting shimmery polishes and berry lips, I defy anyone to not want at least one thing from it!  Not really being able to justify any of it, I was very good and got just two bits.


Lipstick in ‘Shard’

Illamasqua Shard

First up is Illamasqua’s lipstick in Shard.  A beautiful blackberry colour, I was instantly drawn to this, but stumped up the cash because the word ‘shard’ always reminds me of The Dark Crystal! Sadly the formula isn’t one of Illamasqua’s better ones. Lovers of the brand will know their lipsticks tend to be on the dry side, but some are better than others and this isn’t the best. I found it to apply a little patchily, making my lips look poorly taken care of even though they were freshly buffed and balmed. I’m frustrated at the application because having watched an Illamasqua girl apply it on my friend, I know it doesn’t always look like this, yet I’m confident enough in my lipstick application to say the formula isn’t stellar. It’s still plenty  wearable, however, and the colour really does make up for the poorer formula. While it goes on with a bit of a sheen, it dries down matte and when worked in as a stain (which the colour is *perfect* for) it lasts all day.

illamasqua shard comparison 1

Just for funsies, here’s Shard layered over a similar coloured lip liner from LA Colours. I love how this looks!

If you really love the colour – and it’s going to suit pretty much everyone! -you’ll be able to put up with the formula but if can’t be dealing with a poorer formula for the price, skip it - The shelves will be awash with berry colours this fall.

Nail Polish in ‘Hemlock’

Illamasqua Hemlock

Sadly my rubbish photo taking doesn’t capture the beauty of this polish. It’s not left my nails for about a fortnight – I’ve reapplied it straight away! As you can just see on my index finger, the green flash in this is really strong, yet it’s set against the most beautiful, hard to describe, dusky pink-gold-taupe base. I bought it because I thought I could get away with it for work, and I have! Hurrah! It wears wonderfully well – at least five days strong and two coats will give you a fairly sheer wash of colour with a nice strong flash of green. An absolutely stunning polish,

Did you pick up anything from this collection? What are your favourite Illamasqua products?


  1. I completely love the shade! I agree with it not applying smoothly all the time.

  2. That lipstick is super pretty but I can't cope with anything less than balmy on my withered mush. Nail polish looks lively tho.

  3. Do want! Shame it doesn't apply better but Illamasqua is just kind of that way >.<


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