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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Project 10 Pan Update

A couple of you asked for a report on how I was managing with Project 10 Pan. I've only broken my no-buy rule once for a Rockalily lipstick, and I feel terrible about it because I really didn't mean to do it! However, I have used up some stuff, hooray!

Here's what I was trying to use up:


1- Benefit 10. Hooray, this is finished! All gone! I only had a small portion of the bronzer left, which I used up really quickly. I'd been using the highlight both on the browbone and on the cheeks and I used it up two days ago, hooray! Rachael was lovely and sent me a replacement, as well!

2 – Enormous sample of Evil Shades in Lazy Daze. I've been using this as a lid colour a lot with the purple from the Sleek palette. There's not much left but it's taking forever to get though, it was a huge container, really.

3 - Inglot AMC Cream Foundation. Its hard to tell with this one how much you've used up as the bottle is totally opaque even when you hold it up to a lightbulb! I've been using it most days though - with the L'Oreal primer, it's really nice. It's making attractive spurting noises when I squeeze it now, so I think it's nearly on it's way out.

4 – Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick in Darling. I've not touched this, because it's vile. I need to maybe do a big Lip Maths post with it.

5 – Dr Lewinns Eye Recovery Complex. I used the last splodge yesterday! I've been religiously using it every night. Must find a replacement!

6 – Darling Girl Holo Gloss in Gold Finger. Gone! I pulled the rubber stopper out and got as much as I could. I wore this on a few nights out and it went quite quickly. Might have to get this one again though, I'll miss it.

7 – Primark Well Licked Gloss in Sorbet. I. Am. Sick. Of. This. Gloss. There's still a third left. I think I might throw it in a fire before I finish it, I'm that bloody sick of it. At least I've made a dent in it, I suppose.

8 –Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero. Not used that often, but I've sharpened it two or three times, so.. it's getting more use than it was before.

9 -Fyrinnae Glow blush in Charm. All gone! Used it in conjunction with Benefit 10 solidly at the start of the project and it went within a week. I have so many neon-rose type coloured blushes that it just needed to go.

10 – Sleek Bohemian Palette. Why did I do this to myself?! Why? It's a nightmare! But I've used up a whole shade! Whee! It's a bit of a dodgy photo, but the brown has a decent dent in it as does the black, and I'm making nice progress on the yellow. There's another coppery shade which is just clinging to the outside of the pan and the whole of the circle on the bottom of the pan is showing through as well. It's madness that I put a whole palette on here.. so I've decided when I use up two more colours, that'll do for me! Some in here are awful - I'd never use the navy or the black up, ever. I'll depot the ones that are left that I like and chuck the rest, the palette really is beyond repair now.

I've been so busy I've not had much time for blogging, and I've been a little bit sick as well, so no fancy makeup for me, really! Hopefully I'll get back on schedule soon. And because this was a horrible all-text post, here's a video of a Slow Loris with a tiny umbrella.



  1. I love reading project 10 pan posts! Mine is going hideously and ive already broken the "no buy" rule dozens of times :( Its so hard! But at least i'm getting through some products! Keep going, your brave putting a whole palette in there ;) x

  2. Wow, congrats! I really love the concept of a project 10 Pan. How did you choose what to use? You're making great progress!

    1. I chose things that were either nearly used up and I was 'saving them,' like the DG gloss and Benefit 10, some things I'd never touched and some stuff that just had to get finished because I've had them for a while.

  3. aw hope you're feeling better :) that's a good idea of trying to use up products, I have some that i use constantly and others i use once or twice and have to bin, not good! That slow loris is so cute!!


  4. That video of the Slow Loris is too cute and funny! You are doing awesome on your P10P! Yay for getting some of the stuff used up! Go Robyn!

  5. Honestly, I didn't really read all your post, BUT that slow loris vid is so cute!! Keep you on your P10P - you're doing great!!!

  6. You do so well at this i couldn't do it!

  7. Aww I would like a Slow Loris to come and live with me! I would give it as many tiny accessories as it could bear! Also, nice job on working through some products! I'm not "officially" doing a project 10 pan, though I do have my eye on a couple of products I am sick to death of and almost out of that I'm trying to use more frequently to get through... So far, not much luck. I realized I was still conserving my NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base, even though I'd already bought a backup months ago... Not very smart... :P

  8. This post is great. I really need same kind of project but I think it's not gonna happend.. I am not as tough as you. :) (and I loved the sloth loris.. so adorable!)

  9. Wow well done! This makes me want to do a P10P but i have no willpower whatsoever. I disappoint myself =(

  10. You're doing better than me. I've used up 2 things so far and I'm itching to have a buying session. It's been a month!!! I'm sick to death of wearing charcoal eyeshadow- even with bases there are only so many looks you can do.

    Still, I haven't bought anything yet. I've been good.... so far.

  11. You are doing really well. I need to get my arse into gear!

  12. I'm really impressed of you and your pan project. As soon as I hit the pan in an eyeshadow I feel really bad, because I don't want it to run out. I wanna keep my make up until I'm at least 80 years old lol! Hey, you just made one slip and only on one product, no too bad if you ask me... I'm struggling every day trying not to buy any...

  13. HA, why does that little guy love the tiny umbrella so much?? I must admire your dedication, I have barely ever used anything up!


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