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Friday, 20 September 2013

Quickie Review: Kryolan Mini Liprouge Palette in L2

Kryolan Mini Liprouge Palette in L2

I couldn’t wait to play with this so you’ve got a swatched picture – sorry! I bought this from another makeup artist for a bargain price after she’d swatched it and never used it. I was really excited to get it in the mail as I’d seen it before but hadn’t a chance to play with it, plus this had five green and blue lip colours in and I love those sorts of shades!

Kryolan have lots of mini palettes for lipsticks, concealers etc., the idea being that you can test things out easily, compare the colours and then you can buy the ones you need. A lot of artists will use them in their kit as they’re so light and compact, but this version comes with a clear lid which I’ve found to break pretty easily. (Some other versions of the lip palettes do have a sturdier lid.)


I swatched all the colours above with a cotton bud – I couldn’t deal with swatching them all on my lips! Most colours are on the thin side but all are pigmented – only the white wasn’t as pigmented as I would like it to be. LP647, the shade in the left hand bottom corner of the palette, is actually a beautiful duo-chrome rose gold sort of colour.

L. Lilac
L. Lilac with Gold Glitter

L.Lilac alone and with L. Glitter Gold on the top. I love this purple!

Pink with Coloured Glitter

LC122 alone and with L. Multi Color on the top. The glitters are very stiff and don’t apply well over a creamier shade. It looks horrible, but I left it in so you can compare  to the swatch above where a glitter has applied much more nicely over a thinner base.


L BG. The metallic shades, while pigmented, are very thin. Again, this swatch could be built up but I wanted to demonstrate the thin-ness of some of the metallic shades. I’d wear this shade over an eyeliner or lipliner base, or mix it with other colours to add a different sheen to them.

Overall, this palette is a great addition to a makeup artists kit, or for a makeup enthusiastic. However you use makeup, it’s pretty unlikely you’ll need so many crazy colours, and this is a really good cost-effective way of having a bunch all in one place. The majority of shades are thin but buildable – I would recommend a base with the metallic shades - while the glitter shades will work best over a thinner base or a lipliner as opposed to a creamier base as you can see from the pink swatch above. The thinness of lipsticks can be a plus or a minus point depending on how you look at it. They’re more comfortable to wear and easier to get a crisp edge with when they’re thin but you may have to use a little more product. I love the addition of white and black which makes this great to mixing.

They have a waxy-makeup scent like a lot of professional brands but it’s not noticeable after a minute or so.

Kryolan can be hard to find – try your local professional makeup store first if you have one, or if you don’t, most large cities will have one. In London Screenface and Charles Fox are stockists and I know larger, more well equipped fancy dress stores will often stock these sorts of brands. is an amazing UK based website for professional and SFX makeup as is where you can pick this palette up for £13.90

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