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Monday, 21 April 2014

Makeup Revolution Scandalous Lipsticks in Felony, Immoral and Depraved

Makeup Revolution are the newest budget beauty brand on the UK scene and they have tons and tons of makeup with a tiny price tag. I jumped at the Scandalous lip collection, which featured a sky blue, yellow, purple, bright pink and orange shades. A blue lipstick for £1?! How could any self-respecting product junkie not try that?

I’m up to my neck in orange and purple shades from all price points, so wanted to see how these more unusual shades fared.

Makeup Revolution Lipsticks

The packaging here is very similar to MUA, except the colour part on the end is in the lid, not the body of the lipstick. I like this style of packaging as it’s easy to see find what you’re looking for in a sea of black cases. The product has a fairly light but pretty synthetic smell typical of cheap lippies. A TL;DR summary: The packaging is light and you’re getting what you pay for in that respect. The formula for all of these has a *lot* of slip, and the wear time on them all is pretty short as well– I would check up on the state of your lips at least once an hour, especially as more unusual shades have a tendency to look worse as they wear down compared to more natural shades like red or pink. As you’ll see, these colours aren’t perfect, but there are virtually no other comparable shades at this price point.


Makeup Revolution Felony

Makeup Revolution Felony 3

Okay, let’s start with the worst of the bunch. There’s no two way about it – this lipstick is a travesty and should not have been made, regardless of the fact it’s only a quid. The formula isn’t very pigmented and it’s super emollient and slippery, making it a bugger to apply alongside evenly, alongside it not being overly flattering. Your lip colour will always show and seems to emphasis imperfection on the lip. Boo. I may use this to adjust other colours but I can’t see myself ever reaching for it to be honest.

Makeup Revolution Felony 2

It works a little better over a white base, creating a cute pastel shade, but be careful to choose as dry a white base as your lips can stand as the consistency for the lipstick itself, has a lot of slip which will cause it to mix with your base if it’s creamy. I don’t have a yellow liner to try this over which is a shame, but once you’ve put a dry liner on your lips, you may as well use eyeshadow to create your crazy colours to be honest! The only other yellow lipsticks I can think of are Lime Crime New Yolk City
which has mixed reviews, from other brands I know are the same private label like Ka’Oir/Secret Kisses, and from the Inglot Freedom line. If anyone else can think of any, please let me know.


Makeup Revolution Immoral

Makeup Revolution Immoral

Next up is Immoral. This one is far from perfect, but much better than Felony! Again, there is way too much slip for my liking – it’s hard to get an even coat of this and to have no lip colour showing through, but it’s much more pigmented. I would wear this over a sky blue eyeliner, which luckily is more easy to find than yellow! So… not my favourite, but to find a half decent blue lip colour for a pound? I’ll work with it.

Blues like this can again be picked up from Lime Crime and other companies who use the same private label, Inglot Freedom system and, if you can still find them online, regular Inglot lipsticks as well, although these were limited edition. Pretty Zombie Cosmetics also has a matte blue lip cream, and there are plenty of eyeliners in a similar shade which you could also use – in the UK, the Sleek Eau La La liners are nice for the lips and they have a similar blue shade.


Makeup Revolution Depraved
Makeup Revolution Depraved 2

This is my favourite of the bunch. Again, the slippy formula, but it works much, much better with this shade and the colour is lovely. If you were tempted by any of them, I’d go for this one. No complaints.

Purple shades are easier to find – MAC, Ilamasqua, Inglot and many, many indie companies make purple lipsticks.

I have to pause here and say that regardless of what I think of these products (I have some more reviews coming, they have some lovely stuff!) I think is brand is a bit bloody cheeky. My friend Rachael bought one of their palettes and it is exactly the same, down to layout, as a Sleek palette. I can see this repeated in a couple of their palettes, and several of their items look exactly the same and are at exactly the same price point as everyone’s favourite cheap-and-cheerful high street brand, MUA. I wondered if they’re the same company, but a little Googling says they’re not. Very odd that a brand would copy another budget brand in my opinion!

Will you be trying these lipsticks? What’s your favourite brand for odd colours?


  1. I agree Felony is a weird shade, you did a way better job than I ever managed with the blue for even application. I kinda like the slippy formula though, it feels easier to apply even if evenness is an issue

  2. thanks for the mention :) I keep finding these lippies in my bag minus the lid >.<

  3. I think 'Mr MUA' the fella who was/is behind MUA is behind this company, but on launch day someone asked on the Facebook page and were told it has nothing to do with MUA at all. I agree there are a LOT of blatant Sleek rip offs, and I've seen some comparison swatches of the Acid palette vs the MR one and the shades although identical in colour, aren't half as vibrant as Sleek.

    I've got 3 of the their lippies (including the Smurf blue) and a palette and like them, but I don't think it'll kill my Sleek addiction any time soon. ;)

    1. I happen to know it's the same guy behind the company. He is no longer part of MUA so these are seperate companies :)

  4. I agree with you. I'm not sure what to make of this brand. I'm not liking their £4.00 palettes the quality is awful, the colors are very powdery and don't blend easily. Their Acid Brights palette is a copy of Sleek's Acid Palette (Sleek's is far better quality wise). I have many MUA palettes and find them a lot better than Revolution. I also really dislike lipsticks that have this awful slippery texture. I bought two of these lipsticks - Crime and Depraved and there not that good. x



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