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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A Snappily Titled Darling Girl Cosmetics Review

A few weeks ago, after seeing The Peach rave about Darling Girl cosmetics, I placed a teensy little order to check the company out. I ordered

-Mini blushes in Boardwalk, Fuji and Penelope
-Mini Liquid Kisses in Delight

and received samples of

-Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm in Bouquet
-Autumn Equinox eyeshadow in Scarecrow.

The blushes:

Fuji is a 'Semi-matte neutral light apple red.' I don't see it as that red, but I'm not the best at colour description. I LOVE that this is semi-matte - it looks fabulous on. It gives me just enough colour, warms up my face and is pretty long lasting. My favourite of the three.

DG describes Boardwalk like so: 'Looks a bit scary in the jar, but gives a nice peachy flush of color to the cheeks for that healthy glow.' Perfect description -

DG says of Penelope: "Gorgeous peachy pink with golden sheen. This is pretty much a standard for every cosmetics lines, but it is gorgeous. If you have warm/golden
skintone this will give you that beautiful healthy glow." I'd guess from this that this is DG's stab at Orgasm. I have no idea what Orgasm looks like, but this blush is gorgeous. I'm don't have a very warm complexion but I still find it very wearable.

Man, oh, man, I love these blushes! Firstly, I love being able to buy smaller blushes as I'm not very adventurous with my blush colours, and Darling Girl has lots of choice. Secondly, they're great value at $2 a pop for the mini and £4 for a 5g jar. I have Pink Outrage, Fantasia, Impetuous and Paradise Pink on my wish list!

The Liquid Kisses:

Sorry, this is a terrible photograph, bad light here at the moment! 'Delight' is a 'Peachy pink gloss with lots of golden sheen.' I love the gold in this. I've been looking for a better twist on a nude gloss and I think this might be it. At first I thought the formula was dry, like Fyrinnae's Lip Lustres, but I think it might have been due to the cold. It feels lovely and balmy on the lips - I'd certainly try more!


I love that Susan sent me a balm in the same colour as the gloss I ordered. I think that's a nice touch. It doesn't really add a lot of colour to my lips, but I don't expect a balm to. It does add some, however, and it's REALLY moisturizing. I'm not a lip balm sort of girl as it's normally just a product I find very 'meh,' but I would certainly purchase one of these. Scarecrow is so beautiful and it's certainly made me interested in Darling Girls shadows.

Boring Stuff:

The only negative thing I have to say about my order was the jar lids were a little loose (but the seal on the sifters stuck fast!) and that there are a couple of small crack in the screw-top part of the gloss tube. No biggies. I got an email to day after my order to let me know it was shipping the next day and I got it in less than two weeks. Basically, I'd recommend checking DG out. It's good shit.

See Susans blog here.
Read The Peachs interview with Susan here.
And buy pretty things here.

P.S: Looks coming soon: Another makeover on a friend, what I've been doing on models and some Harry Potter looks! Yay!


  1. Love Darling Girl and Susan is a genuinely lovely lady :) I have some swatches on my blog if you're interested in seeing any more - scarecrow looks STUNNING.

  2. I love DG! I reviewed them a while back and have been meaning to make an order. I love Scarecrow too, that's one I've wanted...I think I'm gonna have to get Fiji too..I don't think I have a half-matte blush yet!

  3. Glad you placed an order and liked her products! I have been so pleased with everything I ordered from Susan!

  4. This liquid kiss looks very pretty!

  5. Hi Robyn, it's Susan from Darling Girl. I am glad you are enjoying your new stuff. Delight is one of my favorite glosses :)

    The packaging on the mini kisses are a little unfortunate, but it's really hard finding packaging that doesn't require buying 5000 units. lol

    Thanks for doing such a nice honest review :)

  6. Ooh, these look nice! I've never looked at their products. I love the eyeshadow for some reason but I am drawn to odd shades. Pretty!

  7. @ Beautys Bad Habit: I really want the Naughty and Nice collections now!

    @Kimberly: You should try out Fuji for sure!

    @The Peach: Me too, I'm a big fan!

    @Musing on Beauty: It really does look better in better lighting too

    @Susan:I seriously LOVE Delight! It such a perfect colour for me. Appreciate the feedback on the gloss tubes - I can send you a pic if you like but they really are small! Barely worth mentioning but I do tend to write gushing reviews so I had to nit-pit SOMETHING to balance it out!

    @Cydonian: It's such a nice shadow, I'm so gonna buy some minis :D

  8. Yum yum , I like the lip color. Other than that , am I the only human being on earth looking horrendous in peach tone ??? I love peach, why, why, why , so unfair !

    Can't wait for your make overs (fan number 1 remember ? )

    From the crazy lady from the other side of the pond aka Caro xxx

  9. Everything looks so nice! I've really enjoyed my Darling Girl Cosmetics, too. The blushes in particular rock my socks. ^_^

  10. Om nom nom the blushes look gorgeous, as does Scarecrow!

  11. @MUA: Really? I can't see that you would look bad in peach! Some of their other gloss colours look fab, though!

    @Moogle: Oooooh, yes, they continue to rock my sock and I want MORE NOW!

    @Silhoutte Screams: I should probably wear it tomorrow!


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