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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Wendelius Awesomus

Wendy from Turtle Beauty is generally awesome, but even more so when she sends me presents! Last Tuesday I had one of the shittiest days I'd had in a long time - Bad things going on at home, work being mental as well as being pretty darn ill - and I came home to find this bundle of awesomeness on my doormat:

Wet n' Wild Night Elf palette, NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in Starry Silver Glitter, Palladio lip stain in Berry, Ulta glitter liner in Purple, Ardell lashes with holo glitter on them (!), Nyx Mega Shine gloss in Burgundy, and Hersheys Santa! She also sent me a chocolate snowman but something might have happened to him before I took this picture!

First off some swatchies, then some lookies!

Night Elf Palette.

Night Elf Palette on the right, MUA Shade 12 on the left. Both are MAC Club dupes, which I don't own and so have no idea what it looks like! I prefer the W&W though, as the green is more apparent and the brown has a much prettier red tone to it.

Wet and Wild liner that came with the Night Elf palette and the Ulta Liner. I'm gutted I couldn't get a decent picture of these as the Ulta liner it's much more lovely IRL - and the glitter actually transfers well - and the W&W has tiny green/aqua shimmer in it which is really pretty. I was pleasantly surprised by the liner as I'd read a lot of people thought it was shite.

Nyx Mega Shine Gloss in Burgundy. UM. WHAT THE FUCK. This gloss is INSANE. It's amazingly pigmented, lasts about a billion years and is the most beautiful slighty-berry red. (The swatch isn't very true to life as it has been dark here in England since September, but I hope that gives you some idea.)I should probably have worn this with a liner as it feathers slightly, but meh. If you see this, BUY IT. Wendy didn't get one for herself and I genuinely feel bad because it's that awesome. And it smells like cherryade! I don't think the rest of this line of glosses is as pigmented because I think there would be a lot more hoo-hah over them if they were, but I would like to try more regardless, so if you have any favourites please tell me!

I did a quick look with the Night Elf palette the next morning, of course! I used the gold shade all over the lid, the Club dupe in the crease and on the lower lashline and the red blended in in the outer V. The red and gold together are really pretty! I have the lip stain she sent me on my lips, which I was impressed with. They were slightly chapped at the time, but the stain still lasted a good seven hours or so, which is a long time for anything for me!

I HAD to wear the lashes and be damned if I was going to wait for a night out to do it. So, I wore them on Monday! Lid is Dinosaur Plushie from Fyrinnae, which hated me that morning, with one of the Sleek Sparkle colours in the crease, blended with the silver from the NE palette and the NE highlight to er, highlight. I got a crap load of compliments that day, so cheers d00d!

I was chatting to the lurvely lady about my goodies and she challenged me to do a red eyes, red lips look. Errrr. Hard. I had no idea what to do, so I just threw this together. I used Evil Shades Heartless Queen on the lid as I wanted a more matte finish, blended it out with the red and the gold from the Night Elf Palette (man, I love that red and gold together.) Lips are the Nyx Burgundy blotted, cheeks are Darling Girl Boardwalk and the lashes are some cheapo ones from Savers which I actually adore!

Once again dollface, THANK YOU. You really brightened my day... I'll get you back!

Well laydeez, in case I don't speak to y'all before, have a Merry Christmas/Festiwintermas! xxx


  1. That red is super pretty! I have Boardwalk from DG (all be it a sample) but I love it, her blushes are really nice!

  2. @Kimberly I know, I have three and two more coming to me in the mail, wheeee!

  3. thanks for sharing!
    i was really wondering about the red eyeshadow in the wetnwild palette !
    thanks for the swatch !!!!

    you must be so happy to have such a good friend :)


  4. @Lily Blue Yeah, she rocks! And the red is awesome too.

  5. lovin' all the eyelooks you did!!! so pretty! :)the lipgloss is soooo gorgeous! must get my hands on one. xD

  6. Aw, that's so lovely of her! The first eye look is really pretty - three cheers for cheap lashe from Savers, I get mine from there too :P Boardwalk really suits you! Looks like your perfect colour :)

  7. How sweet of her! Love the bling lashes! You rocked them with Dinosaur Plushie! All of your looks are beautiful as usual! Your hair looks so cute in braids!

  8. Horray for the Night Elf palette and good friends. I love you lips!

  9. Ooh lovely present! Night Elf looks gorgeous! I love those Wet 'N Wild palettes (=

  10. Fuck me! That gloss just made me..well..say fuck me! Wow!

  11. Ahh, great gift, congrats :)

  12. I wanted to comment days ago but you know how awesome I think everything is on you! Night Elf REALLY suits you, especially the taupe and brown/blue shade!

  13. What a great pile of goodies! I missed out on the Wet N Wild palettes, the pigmentation looks great and they would be fab for travelling! Hope you had a great Christmas!

  14. OMG NIGHT ELF :O and holy crap I love your red look soooooooo much, and all the looks in this post really *flails*

  15. That's so lovely of her :DD

    LOVE the red eyeshadow x


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