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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wet n Wild Lipstick Swatches

I got a lovely package from Wendy last week with some gorgeous Wet n Wild lipsticks in. I love WnW lipsticks and would love it if they came to the UK!


Mega Shield Lip Colour in “Within These Adobe Walls.”

Within These Adobe Walls 2

Within These Adobe Walls

Unf! Is this a gorgeous spring colour or what? I love it. Can some PLEASE explain the name to me? I know adobe is a type of clay… but I don’t get it. And it’s not even a clay colour!

Mega Shield Lip Colour in “Salsa Lessons.”

Wet and Wild Salsa Lessons 2

Wet and Wild Salsa Lessons

And isn’t this a perfect summer colour? This one is coming with me on my holidays! I love the formula of both of these – they go on balmy and dry down a little, lasting 3-4 hours which I think is pretty good. The formula has SPF 15 which is better than a kick up the arse and I’m in love with them both.


MegaLast Lipstick in “Purty Persimmon.”

Wet and Wild Purty Persimmon 2
Wet and Wild Purty Persimmon

MAC “So Chaud.”

Mac So Chaud


*fans self*  This is everything I want in an orange/orange-red lipstick. Yesyesyes. It’s not bang on with MAC So “Chaud,” which is a little darker and more opaque, so I won’t call dupe but if you’re looking for an awesome matte orange-red and don’t live near a MAC or want to pay the dollah for it, this is a great alternative. Do you live in America and not own this? Yes? LEAVE THE HOUSE NOW. RUN. RUN AND FETCH THIS. Seriously.

Megalast Lipstick in “24 Carrot Gold.”

wet n wild 24 carrot gold 2

Wet n Wild 24 Carrot Gold

To me this looks a little like a lighter, less in-your-face alternative to MAC Morange which even I as am orange lover am terrified of – hence why I don’t have it to compare, it’s just what gets called to mind when I look at it. This is much less yellow than I thought from seeing swatches online and I was so pleased because I love the MegaLast formula, and I love oranges.


Thanks SO much Wendy for all the pretties!


  1. The first shade s lovely...I don't really get the name either, though! I remember we had a WnW stand in our nearest Boots for about 2 weeks years ago...but it vanished :/

  2. I love 24 Carrot Gold. Wendy got it for me too. :D My drugstore never has any of the good WnW shades, but Wendy hooks me up a lot. She' awesome, but you know that.

  3. HAhaha oh my. I feel like you are quite impressed by this collection, no? Thanks for the pics, they all look great on you!

  4. These are all pretty! I really like Wet n Wild's lipsticks, they have nice shades and you cannot beat the price! I love "Within These Adobe Walls," I may have to hunt it down. Wish I could give you some insight into the name... I always wonder if there's an insight joke I am not privy to when I see shade names like that.

  5. Living in Southern California, there are a slew of mid-80s, "southwestern style" buildings in just that color (usually accented with seafoam green or beige. Terribly stylish, as I'm sure you can imagine.). Must be a regional thing, because I didn't even blink at the name!

    Love the swatches . . . I'm wearing Purty Persimmon now actually! And I have been hunting for 24 Carrot Gold without much success so far . . . might have to eBay that one.

  6. How do you get the MegaLast colors to apply so nicely? Maybe I just have crappy lips, but I always feel like they look sort of cakey and thick on me.

    1. I can't help you! I just slap 'em on. Some feel drier than others though I guess, these ones in particular were pretty nice.

  7. Love the Adobe color. I interpret the name to be a darker color too.

  8. these lipsticks are just simply awesome. i love them. i purchased red velvet today and before that I got 24 Carrot Gold. these are reasonably priced and of good quality. one can collect them all.


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