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Monday, 16 April 2012


Just a quickie for you this dull Monday afternoon! Permit me to pimp my videos on our collaborative channel, The Makeup Heroes. It's a channel where 10 of us who are too busy to take care of our own channel full time do looks, tutorials, beauty tags, hauls and all that good stuff! Here are my last few videos for your viewing pleasure:

Jessie J "Domino" Inspired Butterfly Look

My March Favourites

My shoe collection!

Pimpy pimpy! I'm still really nervous talking in front of the camera and not so good at filming/editing so bear with me!

The other Makeup Heroes are:

Wendy of Turtle Beauty
Heather of Eyeconic Makeup
Jerry of SilhouetteScreams
Amanda of Snarky Princess
and Priscilla of MakeupJunkie88

So pleased to blog with such awesome sauce ladies!


  1. Rob Rob, I watched your shoe collection and I think the many uses of the words "need" and "had to have" are not strictly true are they. I think a more accurate description would be *stamps feet and pouts* "Want!!"

    1. Mother, I respectfully disagree.

  2. Such a smart idea to create a youtube channel together!
    Love the mask video!
    It saves a lot of time and that's one of the reasons my partner in crime Azure and I are blogging together! Twice the fun and half the time ;)

  3. OOOOOH, I love the butterfly makeup! Nice shoe collection, I had a good laugh when you were showing the shoes and then just throwing them casually off when you were done!


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