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Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 Roundup: My Favourite Looks

Well, the year is nearly over! I’m still on a turkey comedown and am too lazy to write any new content, so here are my top ten looks of 2012. In no particular order…


Purple Plushie Tutorial using Sleek and Fyrinnae

Bat Romance using Sleek and Sugarpill

Heartbreaker Palette look using Sugarpill and LA Colors Jumbo Pencil

Mermaid look using Sugarpill, Inglot and Paperself lashes

Taupe Eyes and Purple Lips Tutorial using elf, Maybelline and Inglot

Rainbow in The Dark using Sugarpill and Sleek

Love+ using Sugarpill, Sleek and MAC

Government Hooker using Sugarpill and Fyrinnae

Mickey Mouse using Sugarpill, Maybelline and Darling Girl

Cryin’ using Inglot, KIKO and MAC

Ok, ok. These are all pretty out-there looks apart from the purple and taupe look, but hey. I guess that goes to show that I prefer the more out-there looks after all – I was worried I’d got boring during 2012! If I had to pick one, I’d pick the Mermaid look – I got really nice comments from the people at Illamasqua on Twitter (although a weird comment or two asking why I’d pierced my eye?! *shrug*)


Link me to your favourite looks of the year!


  1. adore all of these never change lady!

  2. your purple lips with taupe eyes was an inspiration to me this year! ever since you did that tutorial, i think I've worn that combo once a week! thank you for a whole years worth of super looks! :)

  3. You have had such a creative year and I also think that you've grown so much as an artist!
    Can't wait to see what you're going to create during 2013 ;)

  4. Purple Plushie! So pretty! I used to be so much more experimental with eye looks, looking at these makes me want to start having fun with colour again x

  5. CRAP! These are all awesome! My favourite has to be Rainbow in the Dark, with Government Hooker as a close second. I also loved Cryin'.

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