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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Creepy Princess

I don’t really know where I was going with this one… I had a vague idea  a while ago of a dusty, crusty old looking demon queen or princess with some sort of carving on her head and wanted to give it a go. I guess that idea doesn’t really make sense as an old, dead demon queen probably wouldn’t have a fresh or scabbed carving on her face, more of a scar, but I wanted to play with some SFX bits and bobs and this is what I came up with:

creepy princess

creepy princess 2

creepy princess 3
Closeups of the greasy, bloodied eye, crusty dried blood lips, dusty-looking skin and scarred marking on the forehead. The lips were really easy to do and so was the skin. I just pursed my lips super tightly and applied colour over them. For the skin, I didn’t do a base as I normally would, just contoured and highlighted some areas, darkened my eye bags and tapped powder in random areas for a dusty look.

creepy princess 4
This is pretty much all I used apart from a black and red eyeshadow from Sugarpill – Just a MAC pencil, some blood, powder, rigid collodion for the scar on the forehead and my PAM Medium Petite Concealer Palette.

Some things I like (fake blood on the eyelashes? I think I probably a genius) and some things I don’t (should have done something more with the nose/contouring perhaps) but it was fun to do, especially as it was a really sunny day outside and I did something so anti-summer!

I’ve also just been thinking that my use of the upside-down star might not actually be cool but I just needed a short-hand for “evil,” and that’s what came to mind.


  1. love this you creative lady!

  2. Definitely love the fake blood on the eyelashes, that looks great! I like what you did with your hair as well.


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