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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Kiko Haul!

kiko haul

I’ve featured a few Kiko products on my blog before and from what I’ve tried, I really enjoy the brand. The range itself is pretty fabulous, is really reasonably priced, and they have lots of skincare and nail stuff as well as makeup, and rotating collections to keep things interesting. Everything here is from their ‘Fierce Spirit’ summer collection and was on sale, with the exception of the lip balm. The collections are often packaged really prettily, which is just a nice touch.

This whole lot cost me £22.60, with all the sale items being half price.  The blush was £6.90, the shadesticks and pigment were £2.50, and the Glow Touch Balm was £2.90. So even at full price, most things are really accessibly priced anyway. I had to stop myself going back for the other colour of Glow Touch, and the other Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow and the summer body splashes!


Here’s what I got:

kiko products 2

Kiko Products

Clockwise from top left, Colour Explosion Multi Tone Blush in  03 Active Mauve, Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows in 29 and 30, Glow Touch Lips and Cheeks in 03 Lucky Flamingo, Pigment Loose eyeshadow in 27 Beaming Beige, Kiss Balm Lip Balm in 01 Coconut.

kiko swatches

L-R: Stick eyeshadow in 29 and 30, Glow Touch in Lucky Flamingo, Active Mauve colours 1, 2 and 3 and all the colours together.

kiko flamingo

Lucky Flamingo on the lips.


I’m super pleased with these products! The stick shadows are super vibrant in real life and don’t budge. I originally thought these were a different formula to the usual stick shadows as they take a while to set, but these are fabulous. The Glow Touch I am SO pleased with – this is genuinely pretty and comfortable on both lips and cheeks. Often dual-purpose products are horrible on one or the other, and this is lovely. I feel it won’t last long the cheeks (I only tried briefly) but it sure looks pretty.

The pigment I’m not stoked on – it’s pretty chunky and didn’t apply well wet or dry, but for £2.50 I’m not too bothered and I’m sure I’ll find a use for it. The blush however, is gorgeous. It’s a beautiful soft mauve and I really like the highlight shade in particular.

I haven’t swatched the lipbalm as it just comes off as a sheer gloss, but it was the scent that drew me in and I needed a new lip balm.There’s a whole bunch of buttery, fruity scented lipsticks in that collection that do have a colour pay off, each with a corresponding colour on the packaging so worth checking out if you like that type of lip product.


Well that’s my bargain haul! If you can’t get to the two Kiko stores in London you can shop their sale here:

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