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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Quickie Review and LOTD: Vivo Colour Block Eye Palette in Show Me The Money

If you caught my post on the Vivo Colour Stain Lip Crayons, you’ll have seen Vivo sent me a few goodies to play with, including this lovely bright palette! I was really keen when it got to the weekend and it mean I could play with some colour!



I really like how these palette are laid out – there aren’t many square-panned palettes about on the high street so I like that it’s a little bit different. I also think it looks nicer as there’s less black/plastic and more of the colours themselves showing.

Some of you probably know that VIVO are made by the same company that make MUA, and I believe some products are the same but packaged differently. This looks very similar to the Poptastic palette (which I don’t own) but I believe it has one more purple shade. I could be wrong!

Vivo Colour Block Paeltte in Show Me The Money
All swatched on bare skin.
Top row: Serene, Summer, Crush, Hot
Middle row: Chill, Night Sky, Sizzle, Stormy
Bottom row: Breeze, Sunrise, Wave, Calm

Not bad for bare skin, eh? I wasn’t really sure why there was only one matte shade in the palette (Breeze) as the rest are super shimmery.  Summer appears very green-toned here but it’s actually a light, cool gold that would make a pretty highlight.  Crush and Night Sky have a a blue shift to them that I couldn’t quite capture on camera either. Overall it’s a very pretty  collection of jewel tones and I particularly like Crush, Serene, Wave, and suprisingly for me, Hot. I don’t tend to reach for pink shadows at all and can only think of one other in my whole collection that I love, so for me to want to put Hot on right away really says something!

Let’s try some looks, shall we?

Vivo Show Me The Money


Pink/purple look: Hot all over the lid, Sunrise on outer lid, Chill on inner corner. Serene in crease and on lower lashline over a grey liner. Crush on outer V with a touch of matte black (from another VIVO palette), touch of matte skintone on the brow (also from another VIVO palette)
Green look: Wave all over the lid on the bottom lashline, Summer dabbed in the middle of the lid blended out with Sizzle
Purple look: Lips are Sleek Matte Me in Fandango Purple with Revlon Embellished over the top. Green look: Lips are Vivo Wide Awake

These looks are only applied over a primer and not a cream base as I know from experience these shimmery types of shades need a careful touch with blending and adding a cream base can make it all a bit of a pain to deal with. Having had a play though, I really like this palette and I’m kind of in love with the green look I did as it was so simple but I think really pops! Overall I really have no complaints with this palette. While I think all bright palettes would be more useable with a matte black or brown and a highlight shade in them, that’s beside the point a little bit really I suppose (and VIVO also have some neutral palettes, one of which I’ll be posting about soon!). I really like the choice of colours and think you could wear the majority of them with each other which is nice. With Halloween coming up, I think this could also be nice if you were going as a fairy, mermaid or Barbie!

Show Me The Money costs £3.99 and is available from


As always, where products are sent to me all views are still entirely my own.


  1. I have this and a shed load of other Vivo stuff. I really rate them. For the money, they're pretty damn good, and I'm a cheap bitch! :) x

    1. Whenever I get decent quality high-street stuff like this I just so wish that we had access to these sorts of colours when I was younger!

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