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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Quickie Review: Scarecrow Love Bites teeth

With Halloween coming up, I needed to buy a good but reasonably priced pair of fangs for my costume. After doing a bit of Googling and reading a few negative review of other brands of false teeth, I saw lots of recommendations for Scarecrow brand. After reading on Amazon that these are perfect for a ‘delicate ladies gob’ (seriously) I was sold and placed an order.



Your fangs come in a cute little carry case (it does have a clear cover as well)


The card is awfully cheesy with a vampire love scene and goffick font, but don’t let that fool you! The back has super detailed instructions on how to apply, as well as links to videos on how to apply them as well. Combined with the vial of powder and potion inside, I was a bit nervous about fitting them but ploughed on ahead, somewhat heartened that detailed instructions might actually mean they were decent! I was an eejit and didn’t watch the video beforehand.


Very basically, you mix the two parts together to create a paste, apply this into the centre of the fang, which is hollow and push it on to your natural tooth. Mixing it all up is a bit of a pain in the arse, and I won’t lie, it really stinks. There is more than sufficient product to fix your teeth, though, and to correctly fit them again if you bugger it up the first time. The top to the liquid part doesn’t go back on so once they’re properly moulded, you can’t keep it – so make sure you’re happy with the fit! I’ve heard that the paste does change over time and eventually you’ll need to refit them, so I don’t get why you get 6 vials of powder and one bottle of liquid you can’t reuse, but oh well.


The absolute worst part of this is waiting for the solution to set. You have to do one fang at a time, keep your lip away from your tooth and keep your head back so you don’t drool. For five minutes! I found it easier to hold my lip back with my finger rather than sit there with a flared lip. Once the first tooth is done, you have to fit the second and then leave *both* on for another 15 minutes, making sure not to drool everywhere or dislodge them with your lips.  A pain in the arse to be honest!

Fitting the teeth initially was also interesting. One went on pretty easily, and  other didn’t fit to my  tooth very well. It does say on the product that most people’s teeth aren’t symmetrical, but I almost felt like one of the teeth could have been bigger! It’s odd because when you have a larger tooth than normal, you can really feel it on your lips and mine don’t feel even! It’s odd. If I really flare my lips and you were looking closely you could probably tell they’re not even at the gum line, but that’s more to do with my natural teeth than the product and they look pretty even when talking and for photos. I would say that these particular fangs do seem to be quite small, and if you’ve got larger or broad teeth or you’re a dude this version might not fit you so well – try the Classic, Sabre or Shredder versions which are larger and scarier. This type however are the perfect size as fangs – they’re not too long so as to be uncomfortable or too ridiculous looking, yet not too small so that there’s no point in wearing them.


Trimming a little off the fangs, checking the fit each time.I’d not recommend doing this with your lips already made up, by the way! Lips are Darling Girl Don’t Teal me You Love Me.


You can see in the purple photo that after trimming, some of the glue is still visible. Lips are Sleek Matte Me in Fandango Purple with Rimmell Embellished gloss.

Once both are dry and set – it’s recommended to take them out and leave them overnight, you can trim off the excess mixture. The package says not to take it away from the sides of the tooth or the back, but the top can be taken away as an anything large. Nail clippers or really sharp scissors will do this and I checked mine as I snipped away to make sure I didn’t take away too much. As you can see from the blue-lipped photo, the gum dries roughly the same colour as the fangs so anything you do have to leave isn’t that noticeable unless you’re super close up. I still want to take a file to the glue because as you can see in the purple-lipped photo, some glue is still visible and it’s annoying me!

I certainly wouldn’t eat with these, but drinking seems fine. I’d worrying about them staining so I’d stick with clear drinks to be on the safe side! Talking is… well, I have a little lisp with them, but it’s not awful, and you can close your mouth comfortably and you’re not drooling everywhere – that’s about all you can ask for really isn’t it?  They seem to stay put really well and you don’t need another adhesive each time you wear them as they fit so snugly to your tooth – no chafing of gums or anything either.  You can sort of ‘click’ them off as well, which is super easy too. The colour also matched my teeth pretty well – they’re not a fake, sparkling white which is actually a good thing! I’d also advise not to wear lipgloss or anything on your lips that will move around or stain as your fangs *will* rub against your lips.

For £9.50, I think these are a pretty good deal and even  with the hassle of fitting, and even if you only wear them once for your costume, I think they’re well worth it as they stay in place and look fab! For mass produced fangs I don’t think you’ll get better for your money.


  1. wow, they look great! except for some of the visible glue they're really authentic! and the colour too, because it would look weird with them being crystal white!
    but how odd it must feel with the mouth closed eh? or does it feel okay, getting used to them?
    but it was a cool post i must say!!/Azure

    1. I think if I use a file on the glue they'll look better but I've not had time yet. They feel okay when your mouth is closed - you can certainly feel them but you can close your mouth comfortably.

  2. Scarecrow bites? I thought vampires do. LOL, they look so realistic.

    Cheers xxxx


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