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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Quickie Review: Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit

Man, I haven’t bought a Benefit product for about five years until this one. When I got my first student loan I went nuts on Benefit, and then I realised that I was horrible at makeup and I think that put me off buying from them for a long time. I still think they have a fair few gimmicky items but a recent trip to their new store on Carnaby Street had me lusting after a few things. I picked up one of the Creaseless Cream Shadows to wear at work and I went for the blogger favourite Birthday Suit while my lovely shopping companion picked up another favourite, Skinny Jeans.


benefit packaging

The packaging is absolutely beautiful. This is the newer packaging for these products and it kicks the arse of the old black screw-top ones. It’s like a modern Art Deco look and very reminiscent of a lot of Paul and Joe products and the box it comes in is just lovely – I don’t want to throw it away so I’ve been keeping my stud earrings in it on my bedside table (I don’t like to sleep in earrings.) There are a few other things with this packaging in – a little clunky on the lipsticks but I prefer it to much of Benefits other packaging. More of this please Benefit!

birthday suit2

This is a really interesting shade – it’s a taupey chrome sort of colour with warmer sparkle, so when you apply it sheerly, it’s a nice cool wash, and when you layer it, it becomes a little warmer. I don’t really know what drew me in to this colour but personally I think it’s very beautiful. I’ve been wearing it alone with a flick of liner for work and I’m really, really impressed with it’s longevity. The first time I wore this, I wore a sheer layer – I left for work at 6.30pm and when I got back around 7pm, I had just a tiny bit of creasing in the deepest part of the crease of my eye which I blended out with my finger, seeing me through until I went to bed. I wore a thicker layer the next day and noticed a little more creasing around 4pm, but nothing horrific. The colour itself is also one that doesn’t look horrific when it does crease, like a starker colour would. I only have a couple of MAC Paint Pots but I have a fair few Color Tattoos and I have to wear a primer with all of them if I want to wear them alone all day, and I’ve not felt the need to with this, so I’m very impressed! If the rest are this good, I would put them above the Color Tattoos easily.


Birthday Suit on the lid with a matte brown from MUA’s Undress Me Too palette in the crease.

I’m really pleased I bought this product and I’m pretty darn interested in getting some more. Skinny Jeans and No Pressure have got my name on them!

Creaseless Cream Shadows cost £15.50 and you can buy them from Benefit stores as well as the Debenhams and House of Fraser websites.


  1. Super cute! I haven't bought Benefit in forever

    1. Me either but when I swatched this it just had to come home with me!

  2. I haven't tried anything from Benefit yet , this one looks very interesting !

    1. The other colours are probably actually a lot more interesting than this one but it's lovely quality.


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