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Monday, 24 February 2014

Darling Girl Pixie Sprinkles and Glitter Glue

Sometimes buying indie makeup can be a pain in the ass, so when you find a company that is great, you want to try every thing that they do! I’ve bought Pixie Sprinkles a few times from Darling Girl, but never tried their Glitter Glue which I know many of my blogger friends enjoy, so when I spied my little eye on some of the newer Pixie Sprinkles shades, I grabbed the glitter glue to try as well.

DG Pixie Sprinkles 2

Dg Pixie Spinkles

L-R: Mirage, Re-gifted, Gilded Ballerina.

DG Pixie Sprinkles Gilded Ballerina

Gilded Ballerina – a mix of soft pink and gold glitters.

DG Pixie Sprinkles Mirage
Mirage – Taupe?! It’s a greeny-grey sort of blend, but let’s face it – TAUPE. Taupe glitter. Tauuuupe.

DG Pixie Sprinkles regifted
Re-gifted – a blend of purple and lime green glitters.
DG Mirage 4

Wearing ‘Mirage’ on the lid


Using ‘Gilded Ballerinas’ as an accent on an Anti-Valentines look.

Pixie Sprinkles are gorgeous glitters! I have a bunch of these (21 Guns is great!), these are just the ones that came in my latest order. The thing I like about them is that they’re really fine, small shimmer particles (with the exception of Re-gifted which has a mix of large and small particles in) and I find this makes them a bit easier than to work with chunkier glitters as they’re easier to pick up with your brush. Each blend is unique and they cost $4.00 each and come in a little shaker container – a real bargain!

But what of the Glitter Glue? I’m used to Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, and this works in a  verysimilar way. It’s much less tacky and has a slightly thinner consistency, however - it's so light on the lid! If you’ve never used Glitter Glue before, it’s super easy to use. Just spread a thin a layer as possible onto the area you want to apply glitter or loose pigment onto, and then tap your product on top. It’s not that easy to blend over, so take that into consideration when you apply – for example, maybe blend your crease out first rather put glitter on your lid . You really need the tiniest amount, so this tube is going to last you forever.

Are you a glitter fan? What’s your favourite method to apply?


  1. Love :) I like glitter glue as an alternative to PE

  2. Pretty glitters, I love your Mirage look! I'm not a glitter fan myself; the mess and stress of possibly getting it in my sensitive eyes outweighs the fun for me, lol. I absolutely love using Glitter Glue with my loose shadows however, it makes any shift and sparkle really pop! I also use it for swatching, especially with Darling Girl's shadows, because I feel like it shows the shadows to their best advantage. Mattes don't work too well but anything with a bit of shimmer works great. I need a new tube, I've had mine for ages and it's finally running out :(


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