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Thursday, 13 February 2014

My first Lipstick Queen: ‘Dancing Queen’ trio

I’m quite excited to share my first foray into the brand Lipstick Queen with you – I literally had no experience with the brand at all before these dropped onto my doormat, not even a swatch in the shop! Lipstick Queen lipsticks start at £20 and go up to £25 for the ‘Velvet Rope’ line, which is part of the reason why I’ve not tried them before, but this set was on sale at SpaceNK for a measly £7, so I just had to try! I believe this was their offering for Christmas 2013.

Lipstick Queen is the brainchild of Poppy King, who I feel I should know who she is, but I don’t. But she made this line because she couldn’t find the perfect lipstick, blah blah. The line is said to be ‘wearable’ and has ‘classic formulations with a modern twist.’ Many reviews of the line that I’ve read say the lipsticks all have beautiful, comfortable formulas, which I am more than down with.

Lipstick Queen Disco Queen
Lipstick Queen

This is special packaging for this set and the tubes are a gorgeous brushed aluminium type look in a gorgeous pink shade. No complaints packaging wise – the box is fun and lipsticks still look classy while being funky. A+ on that front.

This “soft, moisturizing lipstick range by Lipstick Queen is a truly unique take on fashions hottest trends, iridescence.”  Alrighty, shiny moisturized lips seem to be the order of the day here.

Lipstick Queen Electric Slide
Lipstick Queen Electric Slide Swatch

’Electric Slide’

This one looks red on the tube, but comes off as sheer, light red, almost stain-like look with red iridescence. Not my favourite alone, but this looks amazing over a red lipliner:
DG Mirage 3

Very layering! Much red!

Lipstick Queen The Hustle
Lipstick Queen The Hustle Swatch

‘The Hustle’

This one is surprisingly my favourite! I’m not a huge one for nudes or light pinks, but this one again has the red shimmer in it and it just looks beautiful. Love this one, worth getting the set for this one alone.

Lipstick Queen Cha Cha
Lipstick Queen Cha Cha Swatch

”Cha Cha”

This one is my least favourite of the bunch – I feel the sparkles are very close to the base colour and that the finish isn’t as nice on the lips because of this.

Overall, I like these – The Hustle has joined my mini wardrobe of work-safe lipsticks. They’re light, moisturizing and pretty and feel lovely on the lips. The gorgeous packaging makes me feel like I’m wearing something special at work, and the colours are safe enough to wear at work where I’m only allowed to wear neutral colours. While I do find them lovely and emollient, the shimmer in the lipsticks is left on the lips a little. It’s not a chunky glitter so doesn’t make your lips look bad, but I know that would be a concern for some and I would prefer them to wear a little more evenly.  I’m still not sure, however, if I would try something else from the range. I’m not sure if this finish is present elsewhere in the line, so I’m not really sure if this is an indication of the quality of the line as a whole. I do know that the line has a lot of devotees, so who knows! I may pick up something else from Lipstick Queen in future.

If you’re keen to pick up this set, you can still find it on QVC for £22.40.

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