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Monday, 19 July 2010

Circus Looks

Since I've got it, apart from a couple of very lazy, hot, sweaty days, I've pretty much just been wearing my Sleek Circus palette and I think I've managed to get some nice combinations out of it! Apart from one shadow in one look, these are all purely Circus shadows. I'm also trying to wear something on my waterline more, as I never do.

This was the second look I ever did with it, and I wanted to play with the bright pinks! The colours reminded me of the packaging for the Britney Spears Circus perfume.

A lilac look. The lilac colour is the one I am least impressed with in this set, it takes a little bit of work. However, I really liked this look! I used the lilac on the lid, the pink/purple in the top right corner in the inner crease, the dark purple on the outer crease and to line with a little black in the outer V, and a rimmel pencil on the lower lashline.

Probably my favourite look that I've done so far with this palette. The black in Sleek palette is so good, always really pigmented, and I never really use them much at all. I cant remember what pinks I used, but it was pink in the crease, black on the lid with purple over the black to blend it into the crease. I know my brows are a right state in these photos, I really need to get some brow gel, as soon as I groom them, they're all over the shop again.

A quick look using one of my favourite colour combinations, orange and purple. I wish I'd use more of the dark purple rather than the pinky purple but I think it came out nice all the same.

I wanted to make a softer, less in your-face-look, and though this didn't photograph well it came out really soft and pastel-y. I thought it was nice and 80s looking so I paired with Rimmel Soft Coral lippie. This is the only look where I 'cheated' and I used a Maybelline skin-coloured shadow on my lid.

Well, I'm bored of Circus now. Whats next? :D


(P.S: the horrific pink and purple shirts in these pictures are my work shirts. D:)


  1. I absolutely need to try the black and pink one. It's stunning ! I don't have the Circus palette but I'll make it work with what I have at home ...I think you pictured quite well your pastel look, If I try to take a pic of my soft looks I aleays end up with a blurry muddy bleh EOTD....You're the one that showed me orange and purple were a great combo : it makes such a stunning crease when you mix them ! I have a friend who did a yellow-purple combo at work (yellow : inner corner, purple : outer V and crease and it was so nice !). I'd like you to show me how you would play that combo....pretty please !!!!

    Caro xxx

  2. Oh, I like them all, but the black one is my favorite, too! So pretty!

  3. @Caro: Okay, if I must! Never done yellow and purple so we shall see how that turns out!

    @kathy: I've seen other people do that combo but just never figured to do it myself until I had the colours all together in one palette, doy!

  4. Oh wow these are all beautiful! I have the circus pallette and love it. I think the pink and black look is my favourite :)

  5. Holy shiz, I just got a hard on for the smokey dark look. Ahmazing!!

  6. Oooh Beautiful!! I love the lilac and pink and black and pink looks, awesome! The pink is so vibrant, looks like cotton candy, yum!


    you have received an Award on my Blog :)

  8. I love them all so hot, so cute, so girly, so fantastic!!!
    Love it!!!!

  9. @Lillian: I almost didn't get it, you know. Luckily I realised that was silly

    @Zombie: Something you're not telling us? :P

    @Jonna: Thankyou, my dear! :P

    @Ivey: Thankyou, the pinks were what I was most excited to play with!

    @Lisa: Ooooh, thankyou! :D

    @aGdame: Well I do try to be hot, cute, girly and fantastic :P Thankyou x

  10. Amazing looks! I love the 2nd and 3rd ones the most. So dreamy and pretty. You be a sexay mama!

  11. I love the first look. That blue is gorgeous.

  12. Hey- Where is the orange in the orange and purple look from? BTW we have a lot of the same girl crush action going on- Shirley Manson has always been one of my style icons & I tried to get my hair her color for years!
    HI, btw- I read your blog but not sure if I ever commented before!


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