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Friday, 30 July 2010


Girls. I need to draw your attention to a very important, serious issue.

Girls Aloud festival eyelashes are just £2.25 on

There was no way I was paying six quid for a fucking Girls Aloud lanyard (even though I secretly quite like Girls Aloud and the lashes are awesome, so cheers, ASOS!) I also bought a cute crown headband for just £2 which I saw on Lillian's blog. Very pleased I went onto the ASOS sale section and only spent £4! I'm on a make-up ban now, for at least a month while we pay stuff off. So I'm sending Cydonian of Turtle Beauty some stuff for our swap today and that is it!

Moving on from that Serious Announcement, here's another look with my new Hi-Fi shadows. Sorry the pics are pooey, my camera died, which is really annoying because I love this look!

Lid and inner lower lashline: Hi Fi Sweet Dreams
Crease: Hi-Fi Another Day Another Drama
Inner Corner: Barry M Aqua Dazzle Dust
Inner outer V and outer lower lashline: Hi-Fi Aphrodisiac
Outer V: MUA Shade 13.

Sleek Blush in Flamingo (with a light hand!)
NYX Mosaic Highlighter

-MUA shade 2

And because I can never just post one look, here's a failed look where I tried to do the tape thing, and did it wrong so I had to turn it into a double-liner thing. This is all MUA shadows, I believe, I did it a while ago:

And this is a crappy picture because my camera was dying and I had no time, but I wanted a simple lime green look with nude lips, just like Hayley Williams in the Airplanes video. I even did the cute buns she has, which I used to wear allll the time:

I amped it up in the evening for my work do with my guitar bow from Beauxoxo and OCC lip tar in NSFW. And then the next day I did a simple neutral eye with Sleek shadows and colourful liner using Barry M and Gosh loose pigments, and Viva Glam Gaga which looked great over my stained lips from the night before:

Teehee, I look nakey!

Well, thats it from me kids, I'm away this weekend. Toodles! x


  1. I <3 the multicolored liner and the tape look... lovely! I'm sending out your stuff today... but I looked at the packet you sent me last time: £2.93 to send that over here?! RAWR. So expensive here!

  2. love the eyes!
    i'm on a makeup ban too! and it is so hard to not buy especially when they're on sale!

  3. That Hi Fi look is lovely :) I like the tape attempt too, even if it is uneven. I bet that it's pretty difficult to get right.

  4. Great looks, especially that double liner look!
    Also you have great eyebrows there! curse you.

  5. The second look is so sexy, good for a night out!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  6. @Cydonian: Yeah, it was pretty cheap, but we do it by weight and nothing I sent you last time weighed anything at all! I sent your stuff out and it was only about £4 this time.

    @Mandy: Yeah, I know there will be a great sale on something I want now! But I just won Stereo Rose (ahhhmg!) and I have my goodies from Cydonian so I have some stuff to keep me going.

    @Heather: Yeah, its more the angle, too, because you adjust to get it even - or I do - and then the angle is too sharp, and my lids are hooded a bit so my skin goes wrinkly...ah well!

    @Methadone Pretty: Is it wierd thats like the nicest compliment?

    @Marie: Hahaha, I wore it to work! :D

  7. God you're so good! I've spend TONNES on the Asos sale, including that fab crown and 2 pairs of the Girls Aloud lashes (Nicola and... can't remember. The pair that are similar to Nicola's but gold :P)
    I love all the looks but especially the middle one, gorgeous silvery lilacs!

  8. I was extremley surprised at myself, but I've already been to primark this week and I bought stuff for a swap too... So I had to be good!

  9. Awesome looks! I love especially the first one and the colourful liner look. x

  10. I love the limey look, and I actually really love your so-called failed tape look :D

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  12. I especially love the Hi-Fi look! And the double-winged look is cute, even if it wasn't what you were going for initially.

  13. Those lashes look really sweet! I really like your second look even though it didn't turn out quite the way you wanted.


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