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Monday, 5 July 2010

Face n' that...

I always do multi-purpose posts. Do you guys think this is a good thing or a bad thing? I'd rather cram a few of my looks/manis into one post than spam you with my face everyday.

So a couple of manis first. I was really pleased with all the lovely comments that I got on my water marbling post that I did another one when I took that one off. It was difficult because I had to use tap water and I was using a polish which, while awesome looking, is basically one of those ones thats an emulsion of micro-glitters and it didn't spread that well. But I loved the result!

Both colours were L.A Colors Color Craze. I totally recommend these polishes for a bargain brand if you can find them in the UK because they're only £1.50 (I think in the States you can get them in Dollar Tree, etc.)The silver is Live and the turquoise is Radiation. Pretty neat mani, huh?

This is what I'm wearing today. I get so many comments whenever I do leopard nails, and it is the EASIEST. NAIL ART. EVOR. All you do is a blob in the middle (optional) and then draw c's and o's - and if its wobbly, it's better! I used Barry M Matte White for the base (crap, crap, craparoo), Barry M Yellow and Cobalt Blue, La Colours in Lightning (pink) and Atomic (turquoise) and a black nail art striper/pen.

There were a couple of green and purple psychobilly-esque looks on Make Up Geek recentley so I thought I'd give it a go. My liner sucked that day and I think I could have done a better job. I just don't have the brows to do pin-up looks. I used Barry M's Pearly Mauve and Parrot Green and NYX Super Creamy, and I wore a sheer-ish red gloss from MUA. I think maybe I used a brown for blending because the purple seems not-so-purple.

And now my favourite look of the week!

It was inspired by MatthewLX's Rihanna inspired look (click iiiiiit) and I just had to do something! I used the three matte neutrals from Sleek Bohemian palette and a neon pink Fardel Maquillage, with Sarah Harding Girls Aloud lashes. I love these lashes because they don't bop around all over the lenses of my glasses!

Thats all for now guys n' gals :) xxx

P.S: Sleek Circus Palette, which isn't due out till Wednesday, got leaked into some stores today. I didn't get one yet, but go have a looksie just in case!


  1. love the Rihanna inspired look :)
    The green/purple look is really pretty as well :)
    And the notd are just gorgeous :)

  2. Love the nails and the eye make up xx

  3. That silver water marbling is stunning! I love how precise your eyeliner is in the green/purple shot - very pretty!
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  4. Ooooh, love everything! I need to try leopard nails. I got a huge 400 sticker pack of nail art so I think I'll be playing with that for a while :3
    I really love the green/purple look! It's lovely on you.
    Is the Barry M nail paint crap? I have a glittery green and a matte-ish pinky purple, and the glitter was a PITA, the purple was kinda... fugly. lol

  5. The first mani looks GORGEOUS! I need that silver polish in my life! haha.

  6. The bare eye with pink liner and falsies is awesome!! And your water marbling came out perfect. *jealous* I'm all for multi-purpose posting! Post away, girl.

  7. you are just the jam miss ma'am!!!
    i LOVE the hot pink liner, and those falsies are to die for :D

    i wish i had longer nails (its easy, just stop biting them!) because i'd love to try the water marbling effect!!

  8. I love the first mani!

    Personally, I prefer fewer smaller posts because sometimes I might get a bit distracted and not read longer ones fully (how awful does that sound, I'm not trying to say what you write is boring!)
    Also it gives me more on my reading list, there's something satisfying about having a big list of posts left to read :D

  9. @Cydonian: Some are really good, some a really crap. The white is a hot, streaky mess. The main thing is that the brushes are so thin that its hard to get a nice finish on some of them. But some I adore and some I hate. Maybe I'll do a post on them!

    @MatthewLX: Thankyou hon! There's lots of dupes and similar colours for it :)

    @Sara: You can do it on short nails too, it works awesome!

    @Liloo: Matthew takes credit for it I'm afraid :D

    @Kat: I wasn't happy with my liner that day so thaaaankyou :D

    @Ansa: Thanks :D

  10. The manis are stunning! I love the silver nailpolish. And the leopard nails look amazing too!

    The green & purple look beautiful together, and the Rihanna inspired look is awesome! I've thought about trying it out too. Love the lashes!

    Lots of compliments in one comment :'D x

  11. those first nails are fucking awesome. i kinda hate you.

  12. Argh I need to go get a Circus palette but my nearest Superdrug is a mish away and I don't really have even a fiver to spare. How tragic is that? Do you reckon it'll sell out quickly?

    I think you have the brows for pin up looks! Just fill them in differently. My brows are a mess, I need to sort them out!

    I love everything in this post, both NOTDs and EOTDs are fab!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. @Jonna: Oooh, try it, try it!

    @Rae: I reckon it'll sell out at first but be available later on, like the Bohemian one was. And I suck at brows :(

    @Methadone Pretty: Seriously, try it, its eeeeeasy peasy. Ish.

  15. i found marbling more trouble than its worth tbh im too lazy for that shit

  16. i LOVE the marbeling! it looks soo pretty! :D and that hot pink liner is just gorgeous! im jealous of you! i dont think i could ever pull that look off haha :D

    Also, you have been awarded the Sunshine Award! :D Congrats!

  17. Put whatever you want in your posts just because's your blog (nananananananan) and you can do what you want (nanananananan). to be a little more articulate (switching from my 5 year old attitude to my alas very real 35) I like your posts because you put a lot of everything and may be I am wrong but you show your fantastic personality in each and every one of them ....Stay as you are hon' and post as you want : this is why your blog is such a pleasure to read

    Caro xxx

  18. I really like both of your eye looks. The last simple one with pink liner is so lovely!


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