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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Another LOOTD, OOTD and a vintage bargain!

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 My sister came to visit me last weekend and we did a lot of vintage rummaging! Here's what I wore to tramp around Brick Lane:

Eyes: Lid, HiFi Slime and Snails. Crease, Fyrinnae Danse Macabre. Liner, Rimmel Jungle green.
Cheeks: Almay blush in Peach 130.
Lips: Darling Girl Holo Gloss in Goldfinger

Slime and Snails with a peachy blush is a favourite combo for me!  I wish I'd gone more dramatic on the liner, but oh well!

Bandana: eBay
'Hello Sailor' earrings: Topshop
Green leopard print cardigan: £5 knock-off shop.
Playsuit: Primark
Stocking tights: New Look
Chinese-style sandals: Errr, China in Epcot (shut up!)
Pistols bag: Indie alternative shop called 'Dress Code' in Portsmouth

I LOVE this cardigan - it's so slouchy and comfy. It has really odd pockets... they're inside out, so they're white, like the inside of the cardigan. Really strange, but I love it anyway. The tights.... ah, I love the tights. They lasted 4 outings before they died which is great for me.... they do suck in that the sheer part is way sheerer and lighter than the black part which is quite thick, so they're very delicate up top. Still a bargain at £4 ish compared to the stupid expensive House of Holland ones. Speaking of bargains...

I picked this dress up for a tenner at one of the market stalls in Brick Lane. Vintage shopping in London can be stupidly expensive which is bloody annoying... I hate paying good money for old shit. Anyway, just goes to show what a good rummage can do! I need to buy some pearls to go with it.

Pick up any bargains lately, ladies?


  1. your hair is super duper gorgeous in the photos! how did you do that quiff? x

  2. Uh I totally love the red hair. Very Christina Hendricks, Mad Men-esque. Beauuutiful

  3. Love your new dress, really suits you xxx

  4. You look absolutely stunning in the new dress and Slime and Snails is such a cool colour. I'm so jealous though, I used to have those hello sailor earrings in blue and they were my absolute favourites but sadly I lost 1 :(

  5. You were made to wear vintage looks! Gorgeous!

  6. OMGosh that dress is too cute! And you look great in it. I need to get out and do some vintage shopping!!

  7. Amazing victory rolls! You look like a true blue 40s pin up, amazing buys!

  8. the whole time I have been reading your blog I keep thinking 'hmm you remind me of someone but whoooo?' I just realised it's Chloe Sevigny!

  9. Ah, you look gorgeous! Like that dress was made for you. I need to learn how to pull off the vintage look properly.

  10. I've been shopping on Brandalley but overall I think yours are better bargains! ps your eyebrows are amazing.

  11. Groarrr you do such cute things with your hair! Love the makeup and both outfits. I don't think the yellow dress is granny at all, contrary to what you worried about on Twitter!

  12. Oh man, I LOVE that vintage dress! The cream colour goes so well with your red hair! Also, I want those tights. ALSO, you do such a nice job of your hair, I would have no idea how to put it up like that!


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