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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Disney Collaboration with Fierce Nerditude: Mushu Look

I've wanted to do a Disney theme for a long time - I know there's a lot of Disney looks going round the blogosphere right now, but I don't really care! I asked Vijaya, author of Fierce Nerditude, if she wanted to colloborate, and she said yes. I picked Meg from Hercules for her to do, and she picked Mushu from Mulan for me! I love Mushu, he's such a legend.

 'They popped out of the snow! Like daisies!'

Yeah, I know I have yellow all over my lashes.

Lid: Inglot AMC 60, gold from Wet N Wild Night Elf palette. Crease: Red from Night Elf palette, Fyrinnae Bite Me. Lower lashline: Inglot AMC 371. Liner: Inglot red gel liner, Maybelline black gel liner. Falsies: Superdrug 'Lash' lashes.

Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Pillow Talk (thanks Rachel!)

Maybelline Dream Shit Mousse in 021 nude, ELF High Definition Powder, Almay Blush in Peach 130

I didn't want to do WOAHREDANDYELLOW, so I added a bit of gold and brown to tone it down - I had to go to a house party where people aren't used to my tranny makeup - although the red was slightly more vibrant in real life. I was already wearing the blue, and I sat down to take it off, but then thought it might be nice to play up the blue that Mushu has on his horns, to make it a little different.

Go and check out Vijaya's Meg look! I have a great one for her next time ;)


  1. Wow, this is fantastic! I love the color combination, I'd never think to put them together.

  2. Oh, wow! This is incredible, especially compared to mine. I'm so skillsless! xD

  3. Very nice, I adore the color combo!

  4. AAAHHHH!!! Love love LOVE this! Amazing interpretation of Mushu ;D

  5. That's a really cute look! Love it!

  6. Woww love the eye makeup you did!!!!!

  7. This is beautiful! I saw Vijaya's look too, your little character swapping idea is so cool!

  8. You are so talented Miss Robyn. I can't ever say it enough! Those boobies were lucky to get painted by someone as awesome as you! :)

  9. this is awesome ! The colors are great together !

  10. Ahh, cuuuute! Love the bright colors - they definitely remind me of Mushu :D

  11. Very nice, the lashes look lovely too, I'll have to have a look at them!

  12. Love this look, awesome colour combo! :)

    Jonna xx

  13. this reminds me of a toucan, love the colour combination xx

  14. Absolutely love this <3

  15. This is gawwwwjussss, your blending is perfect! I love Mushu XD

  16. Love love love seeing Disney looks. Keep 'em coming!

    This is amazing by the way, but that goes without saying. I love when you do eye looks, more more more!

  17. Such a nice color combination! Can't wait to see your next Disney inspired look!

  18. ADORABLE! And what a fun inspiration! Mushu rocks! Although I still contest Mulan 2 never happened... ;)

  19. @femputer: Me either, that's why these looks are fun!

    @VijiiS: Ah, shuddup, you looked hot!

    @Stephee: Thanks!

    @Jennifer: I surprisingly do as well!

    @rivercitylizzy: :D!

    @Sari: Thanks, it was fun to do!

    @Rakshanda: If only I had a lovely silk mandarin collar dress to wear with it :D

    @Lari: Oh, good, I thought the blue might be too much!

    @Sepia~_raven: Yeah, the whole range looks pretty nice!

    @Jonna: Thanks gorgeous!

    @Tsunimee: :O I quite often think of that when I look at your looks!

    @Dollipop: Thanks beautiful!

    @Silouhette Screams: Any excuse to wear yellow eyeshadow and red liner!

    @Ruthy: I remember yours! I LOVE you Zazu!

    @Cydonian: Aw, thanks! I love Mushu too, Eddy Murphy should stick to voiceovers lol!

    @Meredith: More disney to come this week! :D

    @Marcey: Me either, no idea what to do for my next one!

    @GeniOriana: OH MY GOD, I could not agree more!

  20. "I had to go to a house party where people aren't used to my tranny makeup" = LOL!!!!! Great look, I especially love what you've done with your liner on the upper lashline! That Inglot Red Gel Liner is pretty freakin' sweet!


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