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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Inglot swatches and looks: Neutrals

So, I was going to go and get the Urban Decay Naked Palette but it wasn't in stock in Debenhams. I know I could have bought it online, but it's not very often I have money burning a hole in my pocket so I decided to go to Inglot instead. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted in a palette - a good cream, a skintone, mattes I could use as brow colours, and a plummish brown for the crease  - but it still took me about half an hour to choose what I wanted - too many choices!

Icky icky washed out photos....

Swatched in same order as in palette, on bare skin.
Top row, L-R: Matte 351, matte 357, matte 363, pearl 421, matte 32.
Bottom row, L-R: Matte 328, matte 344, pearl 402, matte 349, matte 326.

Went for a whole bunch of matte browns, huh? I wish I'd gone for a colour inbetween and 351 and 352, but overall I love my choices. I'm utterly in love with 349 - a matte grey-taupe? Yes please! I'm so happy to have lots of lovely matte neutrals now.

I discovered that you can use the magnets on the lid of the palette to pop the pans out and see what colour they are! For some reason this doesn't work on my 5-pan palette - with either of the lids, although I can use the magnet on the actual palette part of the 10 pan to get them out - odd, but there you go!

This palette cost me £52 with the 10% discount you get for buying the actual palette itself. (I think the palette before discount was £8, and each shadow was £5. Forgive me if that's wrong but I can't find the receipt to check the maths!) To me, that's pretty horrendously priced, especially when I was heading out for the Naked palette which is cheaper, but the pans are much bigger and I chose what I wanted. Not to mention a 10-pan MAC palette would have cost me upwards of £90, and that the 5-pan Inglot palette I bought last month was £27, so it's very good value, just expensive! The only thing that annoys me about Inglot - with my local store at least - is that a lot of the round eyeshadows always seem to be sold out. They're smaller, and thus cheaper, so I don't forsee that ever not being a problem.

Anyway.... less talky, more looky?

 Pearl 402 with a bit of matte 344 in the crease/lowerlashline

Matte 439 on the lid with pearl 402 on the lower lashline/crease.

Matte 357 on lid and brows, with matte 326 in the crease.
Sorry for the boring quick looks, hopefully I'll have time for something more dramatic this week! What are your favourite neutrals?


  1. I actually own the Naked Palette and that is my go to for neutral looks! I like matte 363 :)

  2. These look delicious. I guess if I were ever asked to pick a palette for the rest of my life, I'd pick pretty much similar colors :). But 52£! It's obscene!

  3. So gorgeous, I got one of their 5 pan palettes when it was the old style with the round pans and mirror - I can't believe how much they price hiked all in one go. I got a 5 pan for £15. I should have stocked up then!

  4. I have a LORAC neutral smokey palette that I absolutely love! But I especially loved the one highlighter shade and I used it all before the other three even got dents in them. Sad life - yet to find a suitable dupe.

    These are pretty though. I don't own any Inglot but I hear good things.

  5. Great palette! What a good idea! I had been pondering the Naked Palette, but love this palette you put together with Inglot colors!

  6. You got AMAZING colors! That white is insane (is it white or is my computer showing funneh?) and I love 349 and 326.

  7. These look really nice, not sure I could justify the money on these though, maybe one day! :)

  8. Oooh, I love the colors you got. I need more neutrals and matte colors from them.

  9. Great palette! I still haven't had a chance to buy any Inglot shadows, but would really like to!!

  10. Very nice neutrals! I love Inglot, and I think the price is actually good considering how much you get, imagine how cheap it would have been before that hideous 65% price raise D:

  11. I adore that bottom one with the cat's eye flick. I look rubbish in neutrals so it's turquoise and green all the way. x

  12. I drool over your colour choices. The palette you made looks like it should be sitting on my counter so I can use it to make looks for work! You did a lovely job with the mattes! I always have a hard time with anything matte.

  13. @Ki: I've been using 363 on my brows :)

    @CopyCat: No problem!

    @Liisk: Yeah, it is obscene, when I paid for it my brain was crying WHYAREYOUDOINGTHISTOYOURSELF? It's very, very rare I can (or if I can, that I will) spend that amount of £ on something like that.

    @Kay: Ugh, don't tell me that!

    @Meredith: Oooh, I hate when one shade in a palette runs out! It makes you want to used the others even less!

    @The Peach: Lol I still want the Naked palette :S

    @Cydonian: It's an off-white, it's really pigmented and luffly.

    @SepiaRaven: yeah, no more for me for a LONG time.

    @Froggistyle73: Big love for their mattes, they rule!

    @Jackee: yeah, it's a shame they're not more easily available.

    @Lillian: In a way, I'm sort of glad that I didn't buy anything before the price hike, otherwise now I would be very upset!

    @Vix: I do prefer bright colours normally but if I'm in a rush for work, it's less noticeable if I screw up bright colours!

    @Vulcan_Butterfly: MINE PALETTE! Lol. I used to struggle with mattes, but I think you get used to all the fuss with sparkly shadows and adhesion and whatnot... When I first started using mattes I was like Y U NO LIKE PIXIE EPOXY?

  14. This makes me want to go back to Inglot. Everytime I'm there I fail at life though and never buy that much. I'm always like 'argh I want this colour but I have 50 like it, so I'll go for something I don't have' and then I talk myself out of those colours :|

  15. Due in no small part to this blog, I just got Matte 349, and I LOOOVE it!
    Only a certain type of person will foam at the mouth over a matte medium taupe grey eyeshadow, but I'm that type! ;)
    I love the way neutrals like this "pop" my bright green eyes!
    Matte 349 reminds me of a smoother, better pigmented, greyer version of MAC Omega, or maybe Copperplate's lighter cousin.
    I wore 349 on the lid today, with Matte 348 in the creases, and even my mother, who is bored stiff by my prattlings about makeup, remarked that my eyes looked "lovely."
    My name is Carla, and I am a mindless Inglot slave.

    1. I love it too! I use it all the time :D


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