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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Project 10 Pan

It’s about time I did a P10P! For those of you that don’t know, Project 10 Pan is where you’re banned from buying any more beauty products (apart from essentials like remover, wipes, deodorant, lotion, etc) until you’ve used up 10 products. RaeRae and Jerry  are both doing it as well, so I know I’ll have some support! Here are my products:



1- Benefit 10. I only have a small amount of this powder left, and I keep ‘saving’ it, and not using it. It’s time for it to be finished, and if I want more, then I ask for it nicely (too expensive!)

2 – Enormous sample of Evil Shades in Lazy Daze. Used it once.

3 - Inglot AMC Cream Foundation. I always reach for my Colorstay, even though this feels so light and lovely. It’s nearly finished, and I need to use it up or I’ll never try another foundation!

4 – Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick in Darling. Horrible jizz-lippy colour, but amazing for mixing. I’ve got a wee stump left, so it’s time for me to get creative and play with some colours.

5 – Dr Lewinns Eye Recovery Complex. I really like this eye cream at night, but I keep it on my bedside table and it keeps rolling off and disappearing! Time to finish it up and find a replacement (it was a gift and it’s bloody expensive!)

6 – Darling Girl Holo Gloss in Gold Finger. Again, another one I was ‘saving’ as there’s not much left.

7 – Primark Well Licked Gloss in Sorbet. Even though this cost literally nothing, I quite like it. I have other orange/coral glosses I’ve got since I bought this that I prefer though, so I rarely reach for it .

8 –Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero. Get rid. Buy Perversion.

9 -Fyrinnae Glow blush in Charm. Despite being super pretty, I’ve used this once. I’ve had it for well over a year, so time to suck it up and use some pink blush. Yes, it’s a sample, as is the ES shadow, but I don’t feel bad because…

10 – Sleek Bohemian Palette. THAT’S RIGHT. A whole freakin’ palette. The reason why I need to use it up is thus:


IT’S FOOKED. The black has also hit pan since I took this photo, and the brown has a decent hole in it as well. The black gets everywhere and makes the palette look filthy, and now it’s broken it’s spilling onto other things as well. I love the colours in this palette, but it’s so dodgy now, it’s time to at least use up my favourites, depot the rest and throw the darn thing away. I know I will buy more things before I fully finish this palette, but if I can use up the copper, yellow, and cream at least I’ll happily count that.

Wish me luck! Have you ever done a P10P? Did you fail miserably?


  1. I have not done project ten pan, I very rarely use products up. I am a terrible person! Haha. You can do it Robyn x

  2. I have three products i'm trying to use up at any one time. I've tried 5/10 pans before but the products never get finished that way for some reason.

  3. all the best for your project 10 pan. Not doing one but resisting trying to buy eyeshadows and nail polishes for a while
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  4. Not done Project 10 pan as such, but I'm on a bit of a no-buy at the moment. I'm trying to give some of the awesome stuff I already have some more love haha.

  5. A whole palette! Please do updates on your P10P every now and then!

  6. I'm doing a P10P at the moment! I've been going 2 weeks on it so far and itching to buy the Naked 2 palette. I've used up an eyeliner so far. 9 items to go!!! I've written about it on my blog if you're interested to see what I'm going it use up.

  7. I'm awful - I use up lipsticks (occasionally) and foundations but I have a major phobia of hitting pans in eyeshadow palettes. Makes the whole palette ugly no? So I have a habit of, when I suspect I am getting low, to buy pretty much the same colour again and use that instead. So very wasteful. Naughty me. Good luck Robyn!!! :-) xxx

  8. I've never done anything like this, but I know that I need to! I have this thing about finishing products... I'll save things and avoid using them as soon as I hit pan, even if the thing isn't limited edition. However, I am unofficially trying to finish off a couple of drugstore foundations I was never thrilled with, so I can justify spending more on nicer foundations that I will be happy with! I probably should make this an official thing, so that I'll stick to it! I am inspired by your post :) Good luck!

  9. I have tried this in the past with skincare items and it did work well. Of course as soon as it was done, I bought a load more - haha!

    I don't buy half as much as a used to, funds have to go elsewhere at the moment but I could do with being encouraged to "shop my stash" - so much unused stuff!

    Good luck & keep us updated as to how you go!

  10. Holy shittt I can't wait to see your progress on using up the palette! The only thing I'm getting close on is using up my orange NP gloss, mostly because I was a bit distracted last week in picking makeup to wear to work. I will be more dilligent next week >:D

  11. This is a really good idea. I should do something like this too as I'm always buying new products without using up the old ones!

  12. Good luck! Love your description of GOSH Darling :p I hate that kind of lip colour. I'm on a no buy until at least April 1st, probably longer (we shall see how it goes). Come on, we can do this! x

  13. wow, i get the idea, but i could never restrain myself. i'm crazy when it comes to shopping, but frankly, we're kind of low on that area as well since we ordered a superbig package from madminerals. but good luck on your project!//Azure

  14. OH MY, this looks ambitious! I really should do something like this but I JUST CAN'T. I would fail. What I really should do is just have a year-long no-buy (who am I kidding, I have enough makeup to last me for a 10 year no-buy). Also, good lord, a lipgloss called "Well Licked"? Yikes, that is a terrible name!!


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