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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Lots of liner

Some days I just can’t really be bothered to faff around with primers and bases and blending in the morning, plus I have new eyeshadows that I don’t want to try out until I have the time to do them justice!





Eyes: Collection 2000 Extreme pen liner in Purple, Sleek Dip It! Glitter Liner in Diablo, MUA Intense Glitter Pencil in Pink Sparkle.
Cheeks: Stila Custom Color blush
Lips: Darling Girl Audrey

Ooooh, hello Grandma face!




Eyes: Collection2000 Extreme Liner Pen in Teal, Fyrinnae Electric Stardust, MUA Intense Colour liner in Forest Green.
Cheeks: Stila Custom Colour in Coral
Lip: Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick in Primrose Path

The Collection2000 and the MUA liner are two of my favourite green liners!




Eyes: Kiko Shadestick in 10, Ulta gel liner in Ink. MUA Intense Glitter Pencil in Silver Sparkle
Cheeks: Stila Custom Color in Coral
Lips: Silk Naturals Kisser Slick in Nectar

From granny face to ‘slept in a coffin’ face. Sigh.

What are some of your favourite liners? Do you ever skip shadows in favour of funky liner?


  1. Yes I do skip shadows, I've been wearing my blue Superslick liquid liner a lot this week. And what are you talking about granny face, dead face... you look lovely with all of these liners! xx

  2. Totally skip eye shadows sometimes! :) And I love funky bright eyeliners :)

  3. Absolutely :D One of my favorite tricks is layering Beauty from the Earth's "Chocolate" over black liquid liner. It makes a gorgeous bronzey colored liner!<3

  4. Haha at Grandma face. My Grandma wishes she were as hot as you! I really need a hot pink eye liner so I can wear it by itself when I'm lazy. Oh, and those Stila blushes look awesome on you!

  5. looooooooooooooooooooooooove the purple glitter liner look!

  6. Oooft, that purpley/pinky glitter liner is right up my street! I used to go crazy for coloured liners, mostly blue/teal ones for some reason? But now I'm terribly boring and mostly stick to black and brown..

  7. I love the last look, it's got a very elegant swoop to it.

  8. Oh, lucky you! I have very oily eyelids, so I can't put anything on my eyes without using primer. As for eyeliner, I don't like using it by itself, i find that it looks too harsh. If I'm in a hurry I usually just sweep an eyeshadow all over my lid.

  9. Oh hush your face, you look hawt. I really like all of these, especially the bottom one. The double liner thing is coooool. I do just do eyeliner sometimes, it's nice and quick!

  10. as showed today, the collection 2000 liners are beyond perfectism, and they're so easy to use, but sometimes I feel the brush is too long.
    Then the smudgeproof eyeliners from Inglot are fantastic. They set after a while and withstand almost anything! Hard to get off the brush though!

  11. I love the Collection 2000 liners, ahhhh I wish we had it in the US!

  12. They're all beautiful but the first one is my favourite, I really love pink liner, especially when it's glittery :D I often skip shadow, I'm just too lazy to wear proper looks every day!

  13. AWESOME! I love liner-based looks, but I'm terrible with them. Unfortunately, I need to faff around with the primers and the eyeshadows.

  14. I used my liners a lot too lately . During my moving i hadn't much time to do complete eyemakeup and liners are always a good choice for a quick and neat look !

  15. I do just liner, no shadow all the time. I'm soooo lazy! xD


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