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Monday, 28 November 2011

LOTD, OOTD: Cheap and cheerful

I wore this outfit on Sunday and thought it was really cute, so snapped a few quick pics before I went to a shoot for the day. It was only as I was on the train later on that I realised my most expensive item was my lipstick!




Skirt: Primark, £8
Tights (leopard print back seam): Primark, £2.50
Pumps: Primark, £6 (don’t do it, kids!)
Jumper: Primark, £5
Belt: New Look, present from ages ago
Gypsy top: eBay, £4.50
Bunny earrings: Claires, £1 on sale


Good old Primarni! I’m such a tight ass. But my bag was designer?!



(Make it biggerer to see the bunny earrings!)

Eyes: Wet n Wild Nutty, Sleek Bohemian palette.
Cheeks: Darling Girl Fuji
Lips: MAC Such Flare!

My face is pretty purse friendly as well. Do you guys spend more money on clothes or on makeup?


  1. *smacks your leopard print arse and runs away*

  2. Ooh that skirt is amazing! :-D

  3. Oh my life you look so booby in the second picture. Mmmm BOOBS. I love the skirt, but I am totes pencil-skirt phobic. I just won't wear anything clingy, much to Boyfriend's chagrin. Love the thought of leopard print backseam tights though.

    And I deffo spend more money on makeup. Although probably less per individual item, I just always buy makeup and never clothes.

  4. Liking the MAC lippie I picked it up and put it down at the weekend!

  5. You rock a red lip like nobody's business! You're quite the deal finder. :)

  6. I've had to spend a lot on black clothes recently (for work), but overall I spend more on makeup. Love the outfit (that skirt and top combo is HOT) xx

  7. Cute outfit indeed!! And uhhnm I spend way more on makeu then on clothes.....what does that make me? LOL

  8. Mmm dang lady.... That skirt is just awesome, but yeah I have a big arse and wearing clingy skirts only make me self-conscious about it! Lol the bunny earrings are so cute, I haven't been into Claires in aaaaages. Time for a little snoop I think!

  9. Such Flare! is one of the prettiest lipsticks MAC has released recently, in my opinion. ALSO... up... first thing I thought: bewbs >_>;

  10. Love the skirt and the whole outfit! Hmmm.... I'm not sure if I spend much on either my makeup or outfits... I'm pretty cheap when it comes to both! :)

  11. Stunning! You look amazing in the leopard print skirt.

  12. Oooooh I would love to see the leopard-print back seam - sounds incredible! Ooooh I love your top, you have lovely shoulders and you can never go wrong with MAC lippy - GORGEOUS make-up hon! Yes everyone needs gimp pants!! I think Black Milk are having a 48-hour special within the next couple of days and I think they'll make a reappearance. Check their facebook page for deets. xo

  13. Ok. That skirt is adorable :) Adorable!!

  14. I think I spend too much money on both, unfortunately. I LOVE WHEN YOU DO OUTFIT POSTS!!! I die for your skirt, and it was such a great deal! Such Flare is just perfect on you, I think I need to get it now.

  15. You look lovely, that Mac lippie is gorgeous!


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