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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Take some makeup, add some more…


Understated, yes? One shadow, one liner, glitter on brows and in lashes.

A nice shimmery highlight, some more glitter over the existing liner.


Some nail art sparkly things… yes, let’s pop some of those on.


Enormous gold lashes? Why the frack not?



And some MOAR glitter!  Okay, I probably could have done 2 pairs of lashes, and more glitter, and some different sized glitter, but hey. That’s a LOT of stuff. The lashes are pretty cool, no? They look like quail feathers, perhaps. Alright, so this look was a mental mishmash, but I hope to work out a more wearable look with blue brows and I’m sure I’ll be using little sequins again soon!

Products used: Sugarpill Goldilux, gold from Wet N Wild Dancing in The Clouds trio, Barry M Kohl Pencil in Navy (brows), Ulta Gel Liner in Ink, Sleek Dip It! Glitter Liner in Carribbean, nail art flowers from the £ shop, gold nail glitter from eBay, FE215 feather lashes sent for review from  . (These lashes were *really* long, by the way! I wish I'd kept the portion I'd chopped off and used them on the outer corners. Oh well :( )

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  1. You just made me pee my pants. And that is difficult to do as I do not currently have bladder control issues. I love your face so hard!

  2. I love it simply because those are my Alma Mater's colors! This would be a good look to wear to one of their events :) Those lashes are crazy! They seem like they would have been distracting to wear.

  3. I'd love to go to work like that. That would bring me joy. I love it!

  4. Great eye makeup, love your use of colours.

  5. Before you added the lashes it kind of reminded me of Cleopatra. Awesome stuff.

  6. @Just me, Leah: Cleopatra IN SPAAAAACE

    I agree that the lashes look a bit like quail feathers. Love all the glitter.

  7. haha, what a fabulously cool look :D it's so damn good, i dig it. build build build that look

  8. THIS IS AWESOME... but you already knew that <3

  9. wowwwwwwww.lovely eyes.....super duper lovely <3

    i am having contest on my blog do participate:

  10. Absolutely awesome! those lashes are fabulous. x

  11. This is just the most awesome look ever. I LOVE the eyebrows. You are so so damn cool!

  12. OMG THE LASHES!!!!! Those are the coolest lashes I have seen in, like, FOREVER! I love the glittery blue brows, too!

  13. Yes.

    Completely and absolutely YES.

    Just your everyday, going-to-get-groceries look...

    I love you for this :) !

  14. So natural bb, can totally see you wearing this to go buy milk >:D but seriously, this is fucking awesome! I loooove those lashes.


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