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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Half a face!

Let's see what difference half a face of makeup makes, shall we? Men, this is how we decieve you!

I'm wearing foundation, powder, blush, contour, highlight, liner, mascara, shadow and highlights, brow pencil and powder, eyelashes on the top and bottom lids, lipstick and liner and a cupid's bow highlight. Drag-tastic, yes?

I don't wear this much colour on my face normally, or fill in my brows that dark, or have lashes, but my base is the always (no concealer, baby, all Colorstay. That stuff is amazing!) and while my eyeshadow is quite in your face in the video it's not actually *more* eyeshadow that I would normally wear if that makes sense!  But look at the difference. Obviously I prefer my made-up face or I wouldn't bother - it's mostly my light brows and lashes that I don't like.
Silliness aside, I think wearing half-and-half is a great way of trying new things. For example, trying a new foundation out - you're going to be able to make a good  judgement and gather your thoughts for a review a little better if you can compare it to your naked face, no?

Kathy also has her half face video up. If you've not checked out The Makeup Heroes, the YouTube channel collaboration I'm part of, please do! It's just us being silly and trying looks together, it's fun!

Oh... Can I just point out, by the way, that when I say 'this is my naked face,' I MEAN it. No sneaky foundation. *No* photoshopping. Just me. And it always will be.


  1. I also did a half face makeup a few days ago, just to show how makeup changes my natural look. I also go out without makeup, with really NOTHING on my face. No Foundation, tanned creme, mascara or filled eyebrows. But I like how makeup can change the look of my face and me. :) If you like to, you can take a look at my blogpost for my half face makeup here: :)

    And I also agree: It is a good way for testing something new or to try two different techniques on every side and things like that. ;)

  2. And this is why I love you. Looks great! (NATURALLY :D )

  3. Fun! I don't think thats too much makeup either :) And I think we have all done the half face from time to time!

  4. That's just interesting- seeing both sides and how it looks with and without makeup. It really makes me think about my perceptions of makeup. Huh! NEAT!

  5. *men this is how we deceive you* hah so true, and hilarious!
    Oh so you've got the Coloursay foundation? whatcha think about it and which of the two is it you got? I'm thinking about getting one so pros/cons? time to review it?
    and thanks for a good video!!!!

  6. This is a great idea! Cute video, I especially loved "I've got sweet F.A. on one side of my face!" Also, sorry to be a silly Canadian, but your accent is AWESOME!


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