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Saturday, 5 November 2011

What’s in my bag?

There *will* be some better makeup posts this coming week, I promise! But I always love reading these posts, so, here is the crap that’s in my bag (minus fluff, lint, reciepts, sweet wrappers and ‘lady things.’)  Hooray!



Oyster card – Glass nail file (Kiko) – Tiny Pooh Bear (?) - Business card holder with mine and others business cards (Paperchase) – Red Head matchbook holder (with bobby pins, gift from Kathy) – Shitty old Sony Ericsson phone – Kindle in chavvy zebra print case - £1.50 loose change – Hello Kitty Mirror (Claires Accessories) – Keys (with only 2 keys and 5 keyrings! The Ariel one was a present from Rachael) – Milani Oran-Gina lipstick, Silk Naturals Pretty Please lipstick, The Morbid The Merrier solid perfume in Natali, Darling Girl mini lotion bar in Basmati – Nurofen (for my shitty wisdom teeth) – Old as fuck makeup bag (with mascara, blush, face powder, red lipstick or two, Bonjela (?) – Leopard print pen – Moomin wallet

And my bag itself is the very swanky Barbarella from Aspinal of London (it was a present from some customers at work, it’s way too fancy for me to buy it myself! ) If I’m not using this bag I’m normally using this Iron Fist bag or this cherry/gingham Betsey Johnson bag. 



What’s in your handbag?


  1. This new bag is your 'grown up' purse. I like it very much. You can get a lot of your stuff in there!!! ;)

  2. I just realized you like Ariel from the Little Mermaid. :D I love these posts too. ;)

  3. You have a ton of stuff in there! Too funny that you have 2 keys and 5 key chains :)

  4. aww I love your moomin wallet <3
    is it from finland?

  5. I love your moomin wallet! Business cards too! Fancy hehe! I should get some made too :)

  6. @Kimberly: Yes, it certainly is! I have another grown up purse but it's like an ecru colour and I got dye from a cheap pair of jeans all over it where it sits on my waist :(

    @Darling Girl: I LOVE Ariel!

    @The Peach: I know, it's so bad! But people keep giving me nice keyrings!

    @Siz: I'm not sure! I guess not seeing as my mum bought it for me and she's never been there, but I guess she could have bought it online :)

    @Liza: Lol, fancy I ain't! They are handy though :)

  7. haha everything and nothing! here's just a sample from my bag: a toothbrush, yarn, about ten lipglosses/lipsticks, a wristwatch, eyepencils, videogames, change, some kind of a wallet.... hm it's a loads more of strange stuff in there....

  8. I love these posts, I'm so nosy :P I LOVE your Moomin wallet, Moomins are great!

  9. That Redheads matchbox-case-thingie is soooo cute!

    Also, I like how many keychains you have for just two keys; I can be the same way. I eventually decided to dismantle my giant keys-and-keyring-wad because it couldn't fit into my pocket anymore.


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