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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Moon Rabbit Cosmetics Review

Moon Rabbit Cosmetics are brand new on the indie scene and I’ve got a few of their colours to show you.

moon rabbit 3

How cute is the logo? I think Moon Rabbit is an adorable name and I really like the logo – it’s like something from an old, beloved children’s book, no?

moon rabbit

moon rabbit 2

L-R: Mayflowers , Six More Weeks of Winter, Punxsutawney Phil, Six Weeks til Spring.

With the exception of Mayflowers, the colours are from the Groundhogs Day set. Mayflowers is a sparkly light purple with gold and silver shimmers, lovely peachy nude satin colour which rubs down a little pinker when you blend it. Punxsutawney Phil is a deep chocolate colour with a matte base and some shimmer and Six Weeks til Spring is a lovely shimmery medium brown. I have to say I think this set is really well put together – three different finishes from a new company is very nice to see! Six More Weeks of Winter is my favourite of them all and is a lovely everyday sort of colour. Mayflowers reminds me a little of Darling Girl Wicked Game lipstick in eyeshadow form! I love neutrals but it’s so nice to see a brighter colour from them as well.

My samples (1/4 tsp., according to the site) came in sealed clamshells, which is excellent as sometimes they don’t travel well. A sample set of the Groundhogs Day collection is $3 with the full size set going for $12.  I think this is pretty reasonable, although currently they’re only available in sets, with the Groundhogs Day trio and the Valentines quad available. Seeing as Mayflowers isn’t in either set, this seems to suggest more colours are on the horizon soon! I hope so, because I much prefer to buy colours alone and I think that offering singles is much more likely to make people try them.



I think the colours looks rather nice on! Lid, Six More Weeks of Winter. Lower lashline, Punxsutawney Phil. Crease, Six Weeks til Spring.

My only gripe with these is that Six More Weeks of Winter had quite a few lumps of unblended pigment in. It’s not exactly hard to blend out, but it’s still something I’d rather not have to bother with. I don’t really know the cause of this, so hopefully this was just a funny batch as the other three pigments are fine. Also the names were handwritten on the clamshells – I know a lot of new companies do this but I do hope that the logo manages to make its way on to the containers at some point (it’s so cute!) as well as some more information. Of course, I can’t comment on what the full sizes come with.

I’m quite interested to see where the company heads – the colours I’ve got are lovely and I’m really impressed with the different finishes. I’ve been using SMWoW a fair bit already! I’ll be keeping my eye on them.

Moon Rabbit is available here

I received the products in this post for review. This will never will affect my opinions – my priority is giving my readers an honest review.


  1. Your liner looks gooooood, haha I'm a little jealous. I've seen a few reviews saying they had unblended pigment in the eyeshadow so hopefully they manage to figure that out!

  2. The color look pretty! I think I've seen another review on Moon Rabbit that said one of the colors wasn't blended very well. Hopefully they get that straightened out!

  3. These colors didn't really catch my eye in the swatches, but I love the look you've done using them!

  4. I love these colors and that purple looks lovely! Gorgeous eye look and great review :)

  5. Great review, thanks for showing us all another new company to try! Love the look, by the way.

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