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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Inglot 20 pan Freedom Palette Swatches and Looks

I was very lucky and had some extra pennies, so I thought it was high time I got some decent shadows for my kit. I’m all set for good neutrals, and I have some great palettes with orange/yellows, but I was really hurting for good greens, purples and non-turquoise-y blues.

inglot 20 palette 2

inglot blues

L-R: Double Sparkle 478, Matte 322, AMC 70, Pearl 426, Pearl 428

inglto greens

L-R: Matte 385, AMC 58, AMC Shine 44, Matte 333, Matte 340

inglot mix

L-R: Matte 354, AMC Shine 33, Pearl 446, Double Sparkle 494, Matte 332

inglot purples

L-R: Matte 346, Matte 334, Shine 39, Matte 388, Matte 320.


inglot mint 2

Lid, Matte 354. Crease, Matte 385. Lower lashline, Matte 340. Highlight and to blend out crease colour, DS 478.

inglot purple
Lid, Skine 39. Crease, Matte 334.Outer lower lasline, Matte 332..Inner corner, AMC Shine 33.

inglto blue

Lid, AMC 70. Lower outer V/lashlines, Pearl 428.


I love Inglot eyeshadows. The range of finishes is good, the mattes are excellent. They’re easy to work with, good and consistent pigmentation, and while not cheap they’re good value. This palette – shadows and the palette itself - was £81.50 with my 30% pro discount, so I think it’s about £116 without (cannot do maths.) So yeah, it’s not cheap, but you do get 10% off when you fill a whole palette, and I think they get slightly cheaper the more you buy. But compared to MAC for example, it’s pretty bloody good – I think MAC single pans are £10 now, so even if you filled a 15 pan palette, it’s more expensive than the Inglot 20 pan and you also have to buy the palette separately as well. I *know* it’s annoying to see stuff compared to MAC all the time but it’s really the only eyeshadow system with comparable quality I can think of. If you can get to an Inglot store, go and check them out!


  1. What a fab selection of colours :)
    I love the green look, gorgeous

  2. These look great - I love the bottom row!

  3. I think Inglot are fantastic value for money. I have a few of their shadows and I love them. Wouldn't mind takin a trip to one of their shops again.
    Great looks, love the way you blend your colours. You have shown me some wonderful shades that would be perfect in my meagre stash.

  4. Love the Inglot palette you got! That green look you did is awesome!

  5. Love your new palette and looks you created with it. Thinking I'd probably rather have more Inglot for my kit (for if I ever manage to properly freelance :| ) but have to wear MAC at work. I find this frustrating because LOOK AT THE BEAUTY.

  6. Give me that palette, I could really look after it...... if you ever need a babysitter for that one, I'm your number one choice okay!?
    So good choices of colours of you, but my fav look on you was definitely the blue one. almost like the colour of your own eyes!//Azure

  7. I love Inglot shadows, they're so much better than MAC...I just miss the good old days when I got a 5 pan palette for £15 or something ridiculous...too bad they copped on and upped their prices, but the value is still pretty good x

  8. I <3 Inglot, too! I have been so impressed by the quality of their shadows. I love the purple look with the pop of blue in the inner corner, gorgeous!

  9. Holy crap am I jealous of you! I <3333 Inglot! You picked some great colors, and I'm loving the first two looks! I can't wait till I have some extra cash and can pick up another palette!

  10. I'm unf-ing all over your Inglot, hope you don't mind.

  11. ooh, i love that first look you came up with. so pretty!

  12. I DROOL OVER THE 20 PANS!!! I am on a no-buy until I go to Montreal in May. There is an Inglot there. Damage will be done!

  13. Love these looks! The green colour is so beautiful in the first make up!


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