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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Colourful, minimal, and smoky…

I realised this morning that lo and behold, I’d actually managed to do different looks every day this week so far! WOAH.


Monday was a green look using my new Inglot palette:


inglot smoke

inglot smoke 2

Eyes: Inglot AMC Shine 44, Matte 333, Matte 240. Highlight from Wet N Wild Cool as Cucumber palette.
Lips: Barry M nameless gloss, Boots No 7 Vital Enlightening Highlighter
Cheeks: MAC Fever (lightly!)

Tuesday I misplaced my eye primer, so I went for the tiniest bit of glitter liner and bright pink lips and cheeks instead of focusing on the eyes, which I normally do.


Eyes: Sleek black eyeshadow, Collection2000 glam crystals in Le Freak.
Lips: MAC Impassioned
Cheeks: MAC Dollymix,

Gotta love Impassioned, right?!

And Wednesday, I figured I hadn’t done a neutral smokey eye in a while:

bohemian smoke

bohemian smoke 1

Eyes: Sleek Bohemian palette.
Cheeks: MAC Coppertone.
Lips: Barry M nameless gloss again.

My lips are stained from wearing Impassioned the day before, argh! I’ve not noticed this happening before! I know this looks really purple toned, but it’s all neutral, promise!

Well, perhaps they’re not as different and exciting as I thought, especially as I used the same gloss twice. Oh well! I have some time this weekend so I’m going to do some fun tutorials, hopefully!


  1. Impasioned definitely leaves a stain, like Girl About Town, which isn't uncommon for MAC's Amplified formula. You're so good at keeping track of makeup you've worn daily, and they all look so good. I've worn makeup only one day this week (Monday!) and am skipping Tuesday/Wednesday. Feels strange and unnatural. :-s

  2. Really like that green shadow, such a pretty look! x

  3. Wheeeee Impassioned! It looks so nice on you. I might bust it out tomorrow. I love all of these looks on you.

  4. These are gorgeous, I love that green smoky eye you did! You're making me want to test-run some new looks now :)

  5. Oooh. The Sleek Bohemian palette look - so subtle.

    ps I want Impassioned.

  6. Love the smokey eye! All three are great looks! Can't wait to see a tutorial from you!

  7. Love the first one! So pretty x

  8. Loooove all 3 of these. Impassioned looks amazing on you!

  9. So pretty, I really love the smoky green look, it really complements your hair - you are the only person with blue eyes I've ever seen suit green eyeshadow so well - I just can't seem to make it work for me! xx

  10. good week you've got! though, the smokey of Wednesday was a total hit! but i don't say no to srtong pink lips either, so what the heck! you scored it all!/Azure

  11. I love the green look, it's so smokey and sexy. I love Impassioned on you as well. Gaahh now I might have to join the Impassioned club with you and Jerry.

  12. Love it!!! that green is so chic! Check my blog and follow me if you want!

  13. I love all the looks you created!!

  14. I think my favourite is the second look with bright cheeks and lips but minimal eyes! You don't often do looks like that, it looks very spring-y and fresh!!

    1. my favourite look is the green one. love it!
      liloo/@tsunimee xx


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