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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Quickie Review: Illamasqua Apocalips

On my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I got a DM on Twitter saying I was a winner of their Lust Have competition and that Apocalips was on it’s way to me! I’d wanted it since it came out but £15 for a blue lipstick is on the wrong side on sensible for me, I’m afraid!

illa letter

Gorgeous compliment slip and a sample of Freak – at this rate I’m never going to actually have to buy it, ha ha! Thank you Illamasqua, you made me very happy!

Illamasqua Apocalips Swatch

Oooh, innit pretty? It’s actually surprisingly flattering as long as you’re really careful with application and have no red/pink tones showing on your lip line, which looks a little strange. I’d also encourage a decent cover-up of any redness or blemishes on your chin area as I feel it might make them stand out a little bit more. I won’t lie to you, it’s dry as shit and does stick to itself a wee bit as you apply it, so it’s not the nicest formula in the world but nothing terrible either; this was two swipes with the bullet and then I tidied up the edges, so no worse than most mattes, it just goes on dry as opposed to drying down, if you get me. I personally don’t mind dry lipsticks if my lips are in good nick but it might not be for everyone. If you have to have it yet dry formulas drive you up the wall, I recommend…

Apocalips Flakies

FLAKIES. Srsly enlarge that bad boy. I put a Hard Candy Glossaholic over it on a whim and fell in love. I’m going to have so much fun layering with this!


I’ve yet to use it in a look, but I have an idea brewing so keep your eyes peeled. I’d definitely wear this out to the right place, but time will tell whether I’m brave enough to actually go through with it or not!


  1. YAY APOCALIPS. I'm planning on wearing mine out next Friday on a night out :D

  2. With flakies... Oh my WORD.

  3. yay for winning!

  4. Yay! It looks so good on you but on me I know it would look like I blew a Smurf. Those flakies really pop over the blue. Does it stain your lips like a motherfucker? Sorry I'm feeling vulgar today.

  5. I love this and its totally on my wishlist. I also really love that gloss over it. Makes it supAr shiny!

  6. I'm still scared of it but you really rock it and the gloss really makes it super pop

  7. yes their lipsticks are dry as shit, thank you for saying that, i felt like i was the only one!
    and yes the colour is amazing (congrats btw!) but i'm all in for your glossy version! awesome!/Azure

    1. They're all on the dry side, which is fine, but some are really dry! Like, Sangers is pretty okay on me for dryness but this goes on dry straight away.

  8. Oh, dear. I may need Apocalips. And the FLAKIES! OMFG, so lovely!


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