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Monday, 4 June 2012

Kathy came to stay!

Kathy came to stay with me this weekend with her husband Greg and friend Stephen on their way to a metal festival in Germany.

Keep scrollin’, there be makeup shit at the bottom!

robyn and kathy

Me and Kathy! I didn’t take many photos (especially not round London cos I know what stuff looks like by now!) but I had to grab one of both of us.

hoop dude

We went to Selfridges to look at expensive shit and because it was the Jubilee weekend, they had tons of stuff going on. A marching band wandered through the store at one point and then I noticed this guy who I’d seen at an event before. He is Fucking. Brilliant. He’s basically a really camp guy in a strong man suit, complete with adorably oversized moustache doing a hoop routine – SO funny.

jelleh beans

We went to the food court and got some freaking lush macaroons, and they had normal shit like a crown made of jelly beans!

d and d

We’re all shameless nerds and love D&D, and Greg ran an encounter for us in which we didn’t die horribly, so that was good.

kathy does my makeup

And now on to the good shit! Makeup! I look half asleep in this because I was dead relaxed! It was fun to do each others makeup because that’s how we “met.” Here’s the look Kathy did on me:

kathy purple 2 

kathy purple

MUA Eye Primer, Nyx Crimson Amulet Palette for Dark Shadows (purple on the lid, green in the crease). Tarte for True Blood palette (Moss, outer lid). MAC Designer Purple Pearlglide.

Gorgeous, huh? I love that freaking Pearlglide, damnit. Bye, money! The guys had to leave to catch a cab so I finished the rest of my face after they’d gone and then didn’t take a photo because I got distracted by all the Jubilee pageantry ( I just used aBB cream, Illamasqua Torture and BeautyUK Peach and Cream) but I got to do a full face on Kathy!

kathy green

kathy green 2

kathy green 3

Eyes:  Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Almay Intense i-Colour 414 trio for eyes (Light green, lid.) Nars Habanera duo (green, outer lid), MAC Pearglides in Industrial and Designer Purple.
Face: Tarte Clean Slate Flawless Primer, Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, Clinique Airbrush Concealer, Sleek blush in Fenberry.
Lips: Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Hermetic.

That is a rubbish eye shot! Sorry, dude. Kathy has amazing skin and I’m hella jealous. I loved playing with all her makeup – I love other people’s stashes! I need the Habanera Duo and Industrial like nobodies business.


It was sooooo nice to see them and I wish they’d been here longer so I could have showed them more London stuff. And also that it didn’t piss it down for the whole two days. Meh, it was super fun and we’re going to do it again!


  1. WOOOOOOO KATHY. You bishes need to come here and see me :(

  2. :) Looks like an awesome time was had by all. Sweet. It really was a shame that last weekends weather wasn't this past weekends weather! x

  3. I totally agree with Jerry lol, I love on the wrong side of the pond :-(

  4. This is a party I'd have loved to crash :D

    Love your makeup- both of you! SO awesome you had a great time too- and the jellybean crown made me giggle!

  5. "normal shit like a crown made of jelly beans" ohhh man I laughed so hard. I would wear the shit out of that. Bees would attack. It would be fun times

  6. OMFG, *we* had so much fun! We are totes coming back for a proper stay. And y'all should come over here. (I don't know...we'll show you the Lucky Strikes pipe or some shit....) Also, I *adore* that last photo, and am ganking it for fb. <3


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