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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Quickie Review: Marks and Spencer Limited Collection Foundation

Marks and Sparks have had makeup for a long time and recently they’ve introduced the ‘Limited Collection’ range. Nic from Pixiwoo mentioned the foundation in a recent video as being fabulous, so I skipped down to M&S and checked it out.  Sadly the rest of the collection either wasn’t out or was ransacked, so nothing else from the range to show you! The foundation comes in five shades, and I have four to show you (I was going to pick up the 5th, but a crazy lady came up to me and told me the foundation would give me cancer, and then she followed me around the shop. True story.)

Marks and Spencer Limited Foundation

ivory buff vanilla honey
L-R: Ivory, Buff, Vanilla, Honey.

M&S claim: “Creamy natural foundation that gives a satin finish. Contains moisturizing ingredients to keen skin supple and smooth. Specially treated pigments mean longer lasting wear. Hypoallergenic.” It’s also BUAV approved, so a cruelty free product. Not gonna lie, that all sounds pretty good! Satin, long lasting AND won’t mess with my dry skin? I’d heard this was a good sheer matte foundation, which is pretty rare on this end of the price scale, but when I read the above I got pretty excited that this would be good for my dry skin.

The packaging is simple, clean looking with no-frills and sturdy. I like that it’s a squeeze tube and that you can stand it up.

before foundation
No foundation or primer.

after foundation


Well, well, well. I was surprised at the coverage! It’s very light feeling on the face, but I’d say that’s medium coverage. It’s slightly buildable, but does start to cake after a couple of layers. I’d still conceal that blemish on my nose and under my eyes if I were going somewhere fancy but day-to-day this is pretty great! It does have a great satin finish. I love matte foundation but if my skin is looking a little dull, they can be a bit too much so this is perfect. I wouldn’t say it was moisturizing as such, but it doesn’t dry it out further or cling to dry patches if I wear it alone in a rush. (I normally wear it with Mac Prep and Prime Moisture Infusion.)

The wear actually is pretty good! Not as long as Revlon Colorstay – I do have to touch up around my T-Zone mid afternoon (yeah, I’m dry AND slightly oily, what of it?) but I find that with most foundations. I wouldn’t recommend this for particularly oily skin, though.

My only gripe is, of course, the small colour range, and it *would* be better if it had SPF.

Limited Foundation is available from Marks and Spencer stores, online and costs £6 for 30ml.


  1. Looks pretty good! I always look for foundation without spf for my kit though, but if it was for myself, yeah it would be better with it!

  2. Oooh, it looks really nice on you. The crazy lady didn't work there did she? Haha.

  3. This looks lovely on you! Also... crazy ladies out shopping! Don't you love experiences like that? ;)

  4. well, well well, i really want to try it!! xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  5. Hahaha that sounds like the best shopping experience ever.

  6. Looks like a sweet deal! Still haven't tried it but I'm really curious of it now, after reading this post!


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