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Monday, 18 June 2012

Recent Shoots

What it says on the tin… a few shots for you guys.



Photographer, Andrew Forey. Model, Kate.



Photographer, Darren Flynn. Model, Paige Brookyln Cooke.

These photos were so much fun! The photographers wanted to re-create some characters (The Joker, Padme Amidala, The Black Swan and Alice Cooper) with a few twists and everyone got really into it. The Joker was actually wearing a full-length purple ballgown which was pretty funny! Paige is a friend of mine, a fab singer and dancer and it was really fun to work with her.





Photographer, Amir Dotan. Model, Kayleigh Thadani.

I’ve worked with this photographer a few times and always get great shoots. This one was really fun as we got three really different looks from one girl!

Louise Dobing by Ellen Hau

Photographer, Ellen Hau. Model, Louise Dobing.
Photographer, Michalis Petros. Models, Louise Dobing and Aida Aaholm.

These two shots were from a shoot with dancers in Richmond Park. Gorgeous girls – and bloody bendy! Alright, so these aren’t the most exciting photos for makeup, but hey, gorgeous ladies are gorgeous ladies!


Photographer, Karolina Marek Photography. Models, Emma Haylen Hall  and Danel Amazine. 


Photographer, JENRIKS. Model, Emma Haylen Hall.

Yay, Red Riding Hood! I really liked the makeup I did on Haylen – cherry red lips and pin-up eyes never fails to please me! Danel Amazine is a fantastic male model who honestly has the best skin I have ever seen. Just like, wow. Really fun shoot and I can’t wait to see more snaps from it.

Hope you guys enjoyed!


  1. Gorgeous make up Robyn, and beautiful beautiful pictures. I too love the Red Riding Hood one - I'd like to wear the look, it's so gorgeous and classic! Heart the Joker too (who doesn't?) Good stuff!!! xxx

  2. I love the pic of the girl with purple lips - fab! Awesome work overall :)

  3. Looks like you're in your right element after looking at these pictures! You got some serious talent. Hope to see more of your work in the future!

  4. Soooooo talented! And such lovely photos! Go, lady, go!

  5. Wow, awesome job!! I especially like the Joker, Black Swan, and red riding hood looks!


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