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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Quickie Review and Swatches: Kiko Precision Eyebrow Pencils

I needed to grab some more brow pencils for my kit and wanted to try something different. I use powders for brows too, but I do a lot of pin-up and alternative work where the models prefer a heftier brow, so I like to use pencils a fair bit. Now I still like my cheap as chips old faithful from Rimmel, but the shade range isn’t great. I did some browsing online and decided to go and check these bad boys from Kiko out!

kiko eyebrows

kiko eyebrows 2
kiko eyebrows 3

Kiko say:

“Eyebrow pencil with micro-precision hard formula and separator comb, The formula contains high-melt waxes ensuring adherence, precision and a long lasting line. The fine point allows the shape of the eyebrows to be outlined or accentuated with a fine, precise line, giving a natural finish. Sharpener included.”

These pencils are tiny:


kiko eyebrows 4

How great is that! They looked great for precision work and sounded like they’d be hard enough to fill in individual hairs as well. Though small, they’re really long, so you still get a good amount of product.

And now for some swatches – excuse my day-old manky mascara and unkempt brows, I’m a busy lady!


kiko precision eyebrows 1

01 Brunettes. A pretty damn dark pencil, but with a slightly grey undertone that stops it looking too harsh.

kiko precision eyebrows 2

02 Dark Chestnut. Cooler than a lot of drugstore eyebrow pencils, and not too dark. I can see myself using this shade a lot – a lot of pencils made for brunette hair is too red, or really dark.

kiko precison eyebrows 3

03 Auburn and Redheads. Darker and cooler than I was expecting, but still a little red toned without looking full-on ginger or too warm. Not sure about this one just yet as a colour specifically for red heads just yet.

kiko precision eyebrows 4

04 Light Chestnut and Blondes. Personally, this is my favourite – it’s like my brows but better! It may be too dark for very fair colouring.

kiko eyebrows 5

L-R: 01 Brunettes, 02 Dark Chestnut, 03 Auburn and Redheads, 04 Light Chestnut and Blondes.


Well, that was a lot of gumph about something as boring as an eyebrow pencil but they’re something that’s really hard to choose so I thought this may help somebody! I find the pencils to be longwearing and they don’t seem to do that funky thing where they separate and look waxy over time. I’m really taken with the size of the point of the pencil and think that’s a totally genius idea, even if I’m worried about losing the little sharpener! I do think a lighter shade for very fair complexions may be helpful but overall, considering the small colour range, I really really like these.


The pencils cost £5.90 each and are available from

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  1. Oooh i might have to try out the lightest one! Your brows look lovely and not unkempt at all! Bit of brow envy going on right here :P xx


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