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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Dirty 30’s

I sat down to tidy up my makeup station at home and this happened instead. It was very impromptu so while deliberately messy looking, it’s not as goof as it could be. I really like the outcome though and I might have to re-do it at some point. I was going to practice a proper flapper look but did this instead :D

dirty 30's

dirty 30's 4

dirty 30's 3

dirty 30's

Eyes: Avon Super Shock gel pencils in Black and Silver, Sugarpill 2am, silver from a Wet n Wild palette, Gosh Light N Shine Lipgloss in no5. Top lashes, no name brand from Savers, bottom lashes from Primark a long time ago but most lash companies have similar. Gems from eBay.

Oh how I love glossy eyes!


Have you done any crazy/stupid/fun makeup looks lately?


  1. NEAT! I really like how this looks with the bottom feather lashes on.


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