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Wednesday 26 June 2013

How To: Create an Eye Look With One Eyeshadow

Oh yes, one eyeshadow my friends! This is a really, really simple basic tutorial. Like, super simple. There are a couple of tricks you can do to make one shadow look better than just slapping it on alone, especially a shimmery, metallic or duochrome shadow. It’s great to able to do this in a rush or if you’ve got limited space to take makeup with you and you still want to create an impact. Also if you’re *just* starting out in makeup, or struggle with blending, this is a good one to read because one shadow applied well is never a bad thing! Also if you’re just staring out, you can do this look with one brush!


step 4


As always I try to go into detail in these ‘how to’ posts but if I’ve missed anything, please just let me know. You can use a loose or pressed eyeshadow for this look.  A shimmery, duochrome colour or one with different coloured sparkles to the main colour of the eyeshadow will look really good as well.

step 1

Step One: Grab an eyeliner pencil – any colour will do as long as it’s dark – the darker the better - and has no glitter particles. All my black pencils are AWOL so I grabbed a grey one. One that can be smudged out easily is good.

Draw a rough winged shape with the liner (see here for tips on how to draw a good wing)  and then smudge it out a little (you can use your finger for this.) The reason we’re doing liner first is it’s going to add depth to your shadow, but you don’t have to be super precise with it. Also if you have a duochrome shadow, it’s going to help bring out one of the colours in the shadow more than the other, so it will look like you’re wearing more than one colour. You can do a little patch test with your eyeshadow over your liner on your hand to see how the liner will affect the shadow first, if you like.

step 2

Step Two: Now take your shadow - a shimmery eyeshadow is the best to use. Pat it all over the lid, taking care not to go past where you drew your wing. (If you do, clean up under the wing with a cotton bud soaked in makeup remover.) If you have trouble placing your eyeshadow and not making it too ‘big’ for your eye, apply it inwards from each corner of your eye, don’t sweep it outward. Pack it on all the way up to the crease of the eye – again, you can use your finger for this. You can see that where it’s applied over the liner, you get more depth! This adds more dimension and definition and is much for forgiving than using liquid or gel liners if you’re a newbie.

Then, using with a blending or fluffy brush, take a small amount of the shadow on it and use little circular motions to blend the colour out just above your crease. Add a little more eyeshadow if you feel you need it, but try and take care to make it a nice soft line. No harsh lines please! If you’re just getting started, choosing a brush can be kind of hard, but this brush is my most recommended brushed to newbies because it’s fluffy enough to blend with, but dense enough and a good shape to pack eyeshadow on with too. Plus it’s only £1.50!

Before you finish up, add a little more colour right in the centre of your lid. Look straight on in the mirror and apply the colour right over your pupil. This just intensifies it a little bit and makes your eyes pop a little more – there’ll be more of a reflective surface on the centre of you eye and that’s going to make it look nice and big and round! If you like, you can dampen your brush for this part to make it extra intense.

step 3

Step 3: Finishing up time! The basics are done, it’s up to you how you want to finish it. I chose a *really* shiny colour so I chose to leave my lower lashline bare. I think it makes more of a statement but make sure you conceal any darkness under your eyes well. Adding false lashes that sweep upwards will help compliment the slight wing shape, but if you’re not good with false lashes just curl your real ones and add a good two coats of mascara.


If I was going out, I’d pair this with a nude cheek and a really bright pop on the lips – probably pillar-box red.


I know that was super basic, but I hope it helped someone!


  1. Great tutorial for beginners - I use this technique when I'm in a rush or can't really be bothered! Ace time saver :)

    1. Agreed - I use it when I can't be bothered, or when I need to clean my brushes!

  2. Great tutorial! I like how the eyeliner underneath the shadow adds some depth. I'll need to remember this in the morning before work, I can't remember the last time I only used one eyeshadow.


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